We welcome in particular stories and other contributions by Red Cross Clubmobilers and the Army veterans they served. We also welcome comments by other visitors to this site.

To contribute to this discusssion, please send an email to Jim Gasperini. Change the term ATSIGN to the symbol @. Be sure to mention your name, your return email, and where you are from.

Our site focuses on a particular part of the WWII experience, that of the women who volunteered to work for the Red Cross Clubmobile Service. Clubmobile.org is not designed to assist people tracing connections to ancestors who served in the various armies of WWII. There are several sites focused on such searches, such as http://homepage.virgin.net/j.munro/trace.htm If that's what you are interested in, pleased address your comments there.


John Wastle

I am trying to locate the whereabouts of the Guest Registers for the American Red Cross Service Club that was based at Princes Street, Edinburgh Scotland during World War Two.

Any Knowledge of their whereabouts is much appreciated.

Mon 28 May 11:45 2012

James H Madison

Klaus Feindler, There are a few references and photographs re Mary Hansworth in my book Slinging Doughnuts for the Girls: An American Woman in World War II.

James H. Madison

Wed 2 May 09:21 2012

Beverly Creekbaum

Klaus, there are photos and memoirs (papers)of Mary Haynsworth in the archives of University of North Carolina in Greensboro that might help in your writing. http://library.uncg.edu/dp/wv/results167.aspx?i=1301&s=6

Wed 28 Mar 18:32 2012

Klaus Feindler

I am in the process of writing my memoirs about the end of WWII in Europe. At that time the American Red Cross clubmobile service had a unit (Cheyenne) attached to the U.S. Army’s 2nd Armored Division (AD) when they were stationed in Bad Orb, Germany and Hanau, Germany. The crew captain was Elizabeth Danforth. Another crew member was Mary Haynsworth. The time period of interest is summer of 1945-January 1946 when then the 2nd AD left to return to the U.S. Both in Bad Orb and Hanau I was a volunteer helping with the clubmobile chores. Does anyone have any recollections of this clubmobile? You can contact me (Klaus Feindler, NY) at compklausATSIGNoptonline.

Fri 23 Feb 10:32 2012

Len Ruck

My mom was a Clubmobile driver in France during WWII. She died when I was 5, so I don't have any first hand stories from her. I was wondering if anyone on here remembers Bonnie O'Brien, or my dad Eugene Ruck. You can email me len_ruckATSIGNyahoo.com Thanks

Thu 25 Nov :42:50 2010

Jane H. Duval

I would like to correspond with families whose mothers were in the Red Cross beginning August 1944 in England and France. After reading from the Women of World War II website, I smiled when I read that your mother, Mary Spencer Kimball, "Kimmie" joined Patton's 3rd Army in 1944 and worked with Jean Gordon and Betty South! My mother, Claire Murtha, who just passed away in September, 91 years young, was also assigned to Patton's 3rd Army - Clubmobile L . Claire mentioned Jean Gordon, Betty South, Esther Warker, and others who were working on the ARC Clubmobile. My mother shared stories - from driving trucks as part of a convoy, to serving soldiers coffee, doughnuts, and chocolate bars from the Clubmobile and how they would turn the music up for soldiers to know the Clubmobile had arrived. Her last RC duty was serving the injured soldiers from the hospital trains, in Paris. At one point in Nancy, some Red Cross girls went towards Germany and others towards Paris. My mom went to Paris, and I believe Jean went towards Germany. You can contact me at jane.h.duvalATSIGNgmail.com

Sun 16 Oct :42:50 2010

Girard Steichen

Greetings. I would be grateful to hear from anyone who served in the Red Cross in Noumea, New Caledonia, during World War II, or from anyone (including other service personnel) with stories and/or information about Red Cross activities on New Caledonia. My mother, Jane Martin, served with the Red Cross in Noumea during 1943-1944. Thanks very much. Girard Steichen. steichgATSIGNntsb.gov; or steichenATSIGNuwalumni.com

Murfreesboro, Tennessee
Thu 28 Sep 20:42:50 2006

Maria Surdi

My mother, Loretta McLaughlin of Sioux Falls, SD, served in the ARC in England and in Germany, lastly with Patton's 3rd Army. She was in a group with Jean Gordon, Pat Austin and others. She had a lovely voice and sang for the troops. She and Pat Austin, of New York, drove a cinemobile and at night the side would come down and make a stage and Pat would play the piano and my Mom would sing. She once met General Patton when she was sitting outside her tent painting her finger nails red, and he came up to her and asked her if the nail polish was good for stopping the itch from chigger bites. She had many wonderful memories of serving in the clubmobile, and I have many pictures from that time.

Would love to correspond with anyone who knew my Mom. Sadly, she passed away in April, 2000. I appreciate this web site very much!

Maria Surdi

Murfreesboro, Tennessee
Sun 20 Aug 09:42:50 2006


John Roberts

I have a web site where anyone can buy the book, "By His Side" by George Korson and think someone might like to read this terrific book on Red Cross during WW II. It's at www.uhrbooks.com.
John Roberts

Murfreesboro, Tennessee
Mon 16 Aug14:53:50 2006

John Roberts

Found the book titled Battle Stars and Donuts. I went to the library in town and they searched what they call Library Loan site and found the book in Memphis, TN. It cost me just the mailing charge. Had it for two weeks. Great reading. If you are looking for it or another clubmobile book, try going through your local library and ask if they have a library Loan set up. Just might be in the next county,
John Roberts

Murfreesboro, Tennessee
Mon 23 Jan 14:53:50 2006

Alan Williams

"Camp Foxley" A History of the 123rd & 156th U.S Army General Hospitals based nr Mansel Lacy Herefordshire England, during WW2 now available.Two chapters of the book give detailed accounts about the Red Cross activities at the Hospital during the period 1944/45. For further details please contact Martin Collins

Birmingham England
Tue 20 Dec 16:34:50 2005

Alan Williams

Hi all.I have a great interest in Clubmobiles and I am trying to gather as many images as possible of them for my records.

Can any one be as kind as to point me in the direction of pictures or can any one email them to me as it would so very much appreciated!

Also would anyone know where I can get the plans of how the CM's were built as I would like to know their specifications.

Best wishes and thank you for your help.

Alan Williams.

Fri 09 Dec 14:54:50 2005


judith Reed Evans great site I am doing re-enactment as group k what was your group and can you give me any in fo for your book Full circle who,s the author ect

camberley surrey england
Fri 09 Dec 11:31:50 2005

Neil Stevens

Great news for fans of the Greenliners, in that the second known surviving AEC 10T10 bus - the variety used for the Greenliner conversions - has returned to the UK for restoration. Rescued from a Farm in Western Australia the well worn warrior is now awaiting restoration as part fo the Ensign Bus collection - http://www.ticketslondon-online.biz/TransportMuseum/Museum_T499.htm
This particular vehicle was never an ARC Greenliner but did serve as an ambulance in London during WW2.

Newark, Notts, UK
Thu 17 Nov 08:31:50 2005

Tony Oliver

Hello, I am trying to contact anyone with ANY information relating to Ruth Hayes,originally from Andover, Mass.
A Clubmobile girl with Group B, and one of the four Clubmobile girls that attended the funeral of Kathleen Cullen in Belgium, 1944. We have a Museum near Windsor, 'The History on Wheels Museum', Motors - Militaria & Memories. Much of this Museum comemorates the UK - US co operation throughout two World Wars. The Clubmobile display now features the Clubmobile complete uniform worn by Ruth Hayes, and we VERY much would like any further information relating to this remarkable 'young' lady.
I do hope you can help....we are keeping our fingers crossed ! All for now, from,
Tony Oliver.

Windsor, England
Fri 14 Oct 10:36:50 2005


I have need reasearching the American Red Cross Military Welfare Service, and have come upon a uniform, it has a name in it, Peggy Gearing, if there is anyone out there who knew or worked with this lady please get in touch, as i would love to find out about more about what she did during the war! Many Thanks Laura (missmaisie1509@yahoo.com)

Fri 30 Sep 07:31:50 2005

Jean-Luc Beghin

I am preparing a display about the USAAF Exposition under the Eiffel Tower in AUG-Sep 1945. I am including the ARC Rainbow Corner Club in Paris.
Could somebody direct me to the right source for pictures?
Thank you / Jean-Luc

Brussels but live in San Pedro-CA
Suggested URL: 3wplanet.com/beghin
Tue 27 Sep 14:31:50 2005

Margaret Williams

I am looking for any information on the 67th General Hospital a.k.a. the Maine General Hospital while it was stationed in England. I am writing a historical novel and any help is wonderful. Please e-mail me with info such as the conditions under which the nurses worked; their living conditions, while off duty; what batallions they aided (UK and USA); and if you really want to help...I need a map of the layout! I know that is a lot, but any help is great. Thank you; you have my deepest thanks.

Nashville, TN
Thu 22 Aug 20:31:50 2005

Doug Patteson

I am looking for info on any of the Clubmobilers who were assigned to the 324th Fighter Group in Italy in 44 and France (Luneville, Dole Tavaux) in 44/45 and Germany in 1945. Any help would be most welcome.

Tue 30 Aug 09:31:50 2005

Jim Madison

I continue my work on Elizabeth Richrdson, the ARC Clubmobile person who died in France on July 25, 1945.
Among the women she worked with in Le Havre on the docks and at the cigarette camps were: Margaret Morrison, Lindsay Rnd, Mary Rea, Aileen Anderson, Marge Clahoun, Nancy Fiske, Nancy Nicholas, Beth McCoy, Nancy Richrdson, Marge Hillman, Polly Hasking, Betty Brigham, Peggy Evans.
I'd like to hear from any of them or their families to have correspondece, photographs or otehr help.
Jim Madison


Bloomington, IN
Wed 17 Aug 17:48:50 2005

Nick McCarty

I'm looking for information and stories about The Rainbow Corner, a club for US servicemen during WW2. There seems to be very little extant inforamtion at the moment.

Fri 05 Aug 03:55:50 2005

Mary Jean Golden

I am working on my aunt Kay Green's story about her experiences with a group that went to Italy in 1945. They had to wait for their boat to leave so they worked up a show. They put the show on aboard ship and when they got to Naples they put it on for the Red Cross "brass." The group was such a hit that they were sent around to do the show for a period of about three months, ending in October, 1945. They kept cutting the number of performers as people were sent off to other assignmnets. An article in a publication called Silver Platter and possibly written by Janet Gifford lists the 17 people who were there at the end. Has this group ever had a reunion or does anyone know where the women were after that experience. I know where my aunt is. She married my uncle and came to Montana.


Lewistown, Montana
Mon 25 Jul 03:58:50 2005

martin smith

Can anybody help with any nmaes or photos of the coloured male choir based at Romsey in the Southampton area during 1944. I am particularly trying to locate a soldier called Felix who had a relationship with Jean Boorman please help



Mon 13 Jun 12:59:50 2005


I am looking for any information on my grandfather, he served as a rifleman during WW11. I was recently told that while he was in France he had another family, his name was Albert Campbell. He was a native Canadian, and i believe his first wife's name was Audrey. I don't know if this will do any good but if anyone has info it would be appreciated.


Canada B.C.

Thu 16 Jun 15:15:50 2005

Pauline Natividad

Monday 6th June was quite a poignant day to be writing in this wonderful guest book. 61 yeasr ago my American GI father took part in Operation Overlord. He was a US Army Medic and is an Omaha veteran. For 44 years I didn't know my father but eventually, after a long search, i successfully tracked him down and was reunited with him and my American family.

The URL at left refers you to TRACE. TRACE is a non profit making, self help group which can be of great help to those still searching for the American GI fathers they never knew. I have been a member for the past 16 years and since successfully tracing my own father and American family. I have helped many others gain similar success.

Southampton, England
Sat 04 Jun 11:28:50 2005

P Shergold

Am trying to search for anyone who might have known my Mother Joan Palmer who worked in the Ministry of Agriculture between 1948/49 in Guildford, she has now died and am searching for my father who may have been canadian/american and may have had the name Delise or similar, he may have been in the services as there were still canadians in and around guildford working at the same place if anyone can help it would make me very happy.


Tue 07 Jun 17:12:50 2005

Pauline Natividad

Quite a poignant day to be writing in this wonderful guest book. 61 years ago today my American GI father took part in Operation Overlord. He was a Us army medic and is an Omaha Veteran. For 44 years I didn't know my father, but eventually after a long search, I sucessfully tracked him down and was reunited with him and my American family!

Southampton, England
Mon 06 Jun 17:09:50 2005


does anybody know or the whereabouts of a man by the name of WILLIAM PAGE OR PAIGE who was AMERICAN black G.I.STATIONED IN COSHAM PORTSMOUTH U.K WW11 1944 HE MAY HAVE BEEN WHITH 274 QUATERMASTER. He may be in hes early 80s hope someone can help please joyce

Bloomington, IN
Sat 04 Jun 11:28:50 2005


Jim Madison

I'm well along writing a book about Elizabeth Richardson, who was a Clubmobile (Kansas City) in Leicester and then Barrow-in-Furness, England, July, 1944-February, 1945 and then to Le Havre,France, Feb. 1945, until her death in an airplane crash in July, 1945. I'm seeking photos of those places, details of ARC work, and any other information.

Bloomington, IN
Wed 01 Jun 11:09:50 2005

fred dodson

I went in as a replacementin dec 44 I was a runner in Bonn Germany Charles Stone and I was standing jusst east of the bridge that crossed the rhine river when they blew it it blew us both backdown into baby hospital it was early march I was wounded march24 45and sent to england 137th general hosp

Pana ill
Mon 30 May 18:42:50 2005

Judith Reed Emmons

Four of us Clubmobile girls have a great story of our entrance into Rome June 5-6th,'1944 with 5th Army and General Clark whose forward unit we were posted with in Italy. Mary Roos Moen, Lois Berney, Faith McVicar and I Judith Reed (our unmarried names) were in the same clubmobile group. Faith and I had just arrived, but Ross and Berney had been through Anzio and Cassino. Continued on to Florence and beyond. I am now Judy Reed Emmons Bullock I have an autobiography with war stories as part of it called Full Circle.

Boston area
Mon 30 May 17:36:50 2005

Bernadette grimes

This is a great site which I have just discovered. I am organising a week of events to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the end of WW2 here in East yorkshire. All our volunteers need to be dresses in the 1940's period and I am looking for a nurses uniform either military or civilain. Would be very grateful for any help. Many thanks Bernadette


East Yorkshire England

Mon 30 May 09:47:50 2005

DUNESME Philippe

We are the french association Union Jeep Vexin who has honored Janet Dillon Blair last year in Normandie celebrations. She's became the godmother of our Clubmobile GMC "Dallas". With the Janet's advises we have restored our Clubmobile and try to present it like was the Clubmobile in august 1944 when Janet landed to Utah Beach. You can see it in the website of our association:

un clubmobile debarque sur utah beach


Sun 29 May 13:15:50 2005


Suggest URL link to the left.

Tomas Potter's father was member of E co. "band of brothers". I met Tom and brother at reception in St. Marie Dumont, 7 June 2004, and this is his written account. He mentions GROUP K and Clubmobilers


Mon 25 May 08:20:50 2005

Neil Stevens

I keep in email contact with Janet Dillon Blair but sadly failed to make a rendezvous with her in France last year - although I did see the Union Jeep Vixen Clubmobile heading in the opposite direction on the freeway!
I would be interested to know if any official reocrd of the Clubmobilers activites was kept, especially with regard to how the civilian drivers were recruited and employed on the Greenliners and how the Greenliners routines were managed to ensure fair and equal coverage nationally.
Additionally, after the Greenliners were handed back and the GMC Clubmobiles were collected, I believe the Greenliners became ambulances. Were these ARC ambulances or US Army - I believe the latter but do not know for sure.
How was vehicle maintenance undertaken and paid for on the Greenliners?
Any help on these topics would be appreciated.
Jim, and chance of you providing a gallery area for suitably vetted and appropriate pictures to be added by visitors? Just looking through the guest list, there are collectors with items to share and there must be veterans with pictures to share - as a researcher I have some myself.
Keep up the great work with what is a superb site.

If Martin Collins reads this can he email me with his current address?

Newark, England
Sun, 1 May 07:14:50 2005

mike hirchag

My father was part of the invasion of utah beach in normandi attached to pattons third army,he helped fight all the way through to berlin.
He told me about the war and what botherd him most was when they found the consentration camps.
after the war he reuped to join the cid to arrest war crimanals.
my dad died in 2001 and i dont have any pictures i was hoping to find some on your web site.

Sun, 22 May 14:38:50 2005

viola lombard

seeking families in haarlem holland who befriended my two brothers when they were with the liberation army during the war 1944 1945

Sun, 1 May 07:14:50 2005

Amy Myhre

What a wonderful site. I was wondering if anyone knew my grandfather, Marshall Heathers? He is from Nebraska. He was a Corporal and Company Clerk and served from 1943-1946 in England, La Havre France, Holland, Belgium, and Germany. After the war he was sent to Pilsen where he gave away all of his food for a week so the people in the concentration camps could eat. Grandpa ended up being sent to Moselle, France to work for a lawyer's office settling claims such as with France for blowing up their ships. Thanks

Fort Collins, CO
Fri, 13 May 19:06:50 2005

marge williams

i have just been reading a message from someone looking for the camp at mahollam kington herefordshire ,they have the wrong name for the camp it was heargest camp it was the hospital camp also, hope you see this whoever is trying to find it .from marge


Thu, 12 May 17:14:50 2005

Ernie Brown

I was the Second Radio Officer aboard the SS MAASDAM in June 1941, with a group of American Red Cross Nurses on board. Lillian Evans wrote a letter of appreciation to the Captain of the MT HAVPRINS, who had rescued many of us. She did not mention her own courageous action - I have an image etched in my mind of Lillian Evans applying a bandage to the head of our Third Mate while he directed his crew in launching his lifeboat. Her bandage surely saved his life as he did require further treatment by a Doctor of the Escort to close his wound. I would like to get in touch with the ARC Historical Section to exchange information.

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Sun, 1 May 07:14:50 2005

Michael Crane

I am trying to find out some info.on a family member. He sailed in the Merchant Marine from 1940 to 1945 and in that year jumped ship and was on the beach in Germany for a long period and he was eventually arrested for black market operations. We do not want any unwelcome publicity. He is now deceased and we would like to know if anybody would know who would have had jurisdiction over his case as he was a civilian. We have tried a couple of other Merchant Marine organisations with no luck. We should have asked him while was still alive.
Thanks in anticipation.

Tue, 26 Apr 13:39:45 2005

Linda Vines

My aunt met and fell in love with a Polish soldier in 1947. He was living in the Barons Cross Camp, Leominster, Herefordshire, which I believe was the "overflow camp" for Foxley Camp, Hereford. His name was Tomasz Branowski and people called him Bruno. My aunt fell pregnant and the couple were going to get married but my grandmother was against the relationship and my aunt decided not to go through with it. Sadly Bruno left in October 1948 and never saw his baby daughter, who was named Janet because he had wanted a boy to be called Jan. After our grandmother and my aunt were both dead my cousin tried to trace her father but no luck. oes anyone know of anyone who was in either of these camps or who might have ideas where we could lok. We have found service records at the M O D but nothing else. Bruno was a batman so it might help to know oficers names. We do know that the CO at Barons Cross was Lt Col Szostak. Perhaps someone might know of him?

Ipswich, England
Fri, 22 Apr 17:39:45 2005

Faye Leatherman

My husband is getting involved with a WWII Living History group. I am looking at a way to contribute & am interested in uniform details for Army Field Nurse. I would love to be able to share the many ways that women contributed to this period in history -- any input that you'all are willing to provide would be appreciated. Thank you.

Tue, 19 Apr 21:39:52 2005

Adrienne Williams

My mother passed away two years ago a few months after my father. I believe they met in a USO club by the name of the Stage Brush Cantina in Hollywood. Does anyone have information if this is the correct name of the club and where it was.

Los Angeles
Fri, 15 Apr 15:31:52 2005

James Birkby

I'm trying to trace Frieda Kempton who served with the ARC in Tiverton, Devon during 1944/45. Would love to hear from anybody who knew her or others who were there (Dolly, Anne Lind, Marge Kuhz, Det N 93 SCSRD).

Sat, 16 Apr 11:52:52 2005

marjory burgess

My Family lived near the hospital camp near mahollam that was near kington herefordshire,we went to school at the little hamlet of mahollam we used to visit the soldiers in the hospital there and they were kind to us and gave us candies when we couldnt get them from the shops we had to use ration books to get anything ,we used to spend a lot of time talking to them i guess they had to leave their families behind to go to war i was 8 years old then , we really enjoyed talking to them i hope this is ok we had some happy memories in a time of trouble thankyou marge burgess was marge williams then

american camp nr kington
Wed, 30 Mar 16:52:52 2005


My father, Charles Crockett, served with the 90th Div, Patton's 3rd Army during WWII. It appears to have been around 1944 to 1946. (I don't have his DD214) I'm interested in any information about this unit during this period of time.

Sat, 09 Apr 07:24:52 2005

Glen Mallen

Does anyone know anything about the Clubmobile "Nebraska" being stationed at RAF Cottesmore prior to Operation Market Garden (the September 1944 invasion of Holland)? I know it served the men of the 505th Parachute Infantry of the 82nd Airborne at that time, but would like to know if it was stationed at the base or attached to the 82nd. Thanks, Glen.

Liverpool, England
Wed, 30 Mar 16:52:52 2005

W. Patrick Corry

My Mother, Fronia Louise Davidson (Corry), served in the ARC during WWII in England, France, Germany. She says she was attached to the 436th Army Air Corps in England and France, and the 36th infantry div. in Germany. If anyone remembers her please contact me. Also any books or information which would serve to help her find friends would be appreciated. Thanks.

Downington, PA
Sun, 27 Mar 18:39:52 2005

John Roberts

Does anyone remember a Virginia Ekins, from Provo, Utah? She was club Director in Stratford on Avon, England, Lucky Strike Club, Paris, France, Brittany Club, Rennes, France and in Bremenhaben, Germany?? She is 92 years young and would like to hear from someone who she worked with.
Thanks. John Roberts ARC Volunteer

Murfreesboro, TN
Sun, 27 Mar 12:21:13 2005

Bernice Smedberg

I was in the Army Nurses Training program from 1943 to 1946.The war was over by the time I finished training and I was wondering if I'm eligible for benefits.

Cape Cod, MA
Fri, 25 Feb 09:12:52 2005

John Roberts

If anyone worked the Red Cross Clubs in Stratford on Avon in England at the Brittany Club in Rennes, France or in the Club in Bremahaven, Germany, I know a Red Cross Gal who was there also and I'm sure it would do her good to hear from someone who was there also,. She will be 92 in May. Her name is Virginia "Ekins" Elledge, She had a white streak in her dark hair. Found her in 2003 and have visited her and her husband Paul the past two years. Just e-mail me and I will get in touch with them.

Murfreesboro, TN
Sat, 19 Mar 12:21:13 2005

John Roberts

My Project Find has found another person who is in a photo of the Korean War calendar. Pvt. Don Fyfe's, who passed away in 2000, family was found. His wife and brother and children were presented the photo of Pvt. Fyfe at the Unit 15, of the KVA of Canada, in Ontario. That makes a total of 20 I have found from the WWII and Korean War calendars of the American Red Cross. If any one has any info on Red Cross Gals that were in either war, I would like to hear about them. E-mail me and I will let you know if I have a photo of them from the two calendars. I have comments on this site. You can check them out. Thanks and God Bless our Troops.

Murfreesboro, TN
Sat, 19 Mar 11:39:52 2005

jacqueline finch

Father Chris Mamis england 1943
Would like to trace any member of my "American family". He was on the medical side and was in devon 1943, had good friend Frankie. Born Hackensack NJ died abouth 1991/2

exeter devon england
Thu, 10 Mar 07:03:52 2005

Paula Vallejo

I was wondering if someone knew the meaning of the numbers that Polish soldiers wrote at the end of thier letters sent to loved ones still in Germany durning the war. The story was told to me by a dear friend that I have lost touch with, but I would like to pass on the story of love to my children. The numbers are 1421. If you know please email me.

Sun, 20 Feb 17:39:52 2005

Nicola James

Dear Administrator, I'm the Grand daughter of an American Army person. His name was/is William White. He was stationed at an American base just near Tiverton, Devon during 1942-45. I'm looking for any clues as to his whereabouts or indeed any help with the name of the base. At least then I should be able to find out what regiments were stationed there during this period, which may lead somewhere. At the moment they are the only leads I have and I'm really desperate to find my mothers' father before it's too late. I know she would be absolutely thrilled to have news of him. Kind regards to anyone who can help. Nicola James. Sat 19th Feb 2005



Sat, 19 Feb 09:59:52 2005


Jim Seymour

My father-in-law, Franklin J. Cookingham stepped on a landmine in the Vogues France on November 30, 1944 during WWII. He had to have his left leg amputated. He was transferred to a hospital in Vittel(we think) and later shipped stateside aboard the Army Ship Thistle from Marsielles to Charleston, NC. He was befriended by a nurse from Newburgh, NY. He would like to make contact with this nurse or her family to say thank you. (845) 297-8908

Poughkeepsie, NY USA
Sat, 12 Feb 19:35:52 2005

Esther Dutton

My mother Edith Haynes worked in an American Red Cross club in Liverpool UK between 1942 and the end of 1944. She was a professional singer. She worked with black soldiers and formed a male voice choir which sang in many settings in the Uk including a choral concert on the steps of St George's Hall Liverpool. I understand that this was taped and sent to Washington. She loved the work but was very distressed by the racialism within the American army. The soldiers she worked with had white officers who patronised them. She wrote a letter of complaint to General Eisenhower about the separation of the clubs and I have a copy. She told me that the choir's pianist was Harry Gildsmith, the accompianist of the famous singer Marian Anderson. A young corporal,Elmo Sparks, had, according to my mother, the most beautiful tenor voice. The club was in Whitechapel Liverpool. The welfare officer was Howard McKinney, who had been a youth worker in Pittsburgh before the war.
She had great respect for these men and greatly enjoyed her contact with Americans, including the kindly white soldiers whom she also met. Like many people from this generation Edith thought that these war years were the most exciting and challenging of her life. Can anyone tell me whether there is a memoire of the Black American troops in the UK and the work of the red cross clubs for black soldiers?

My aunt Esther Tallon worked with white soldiers in another red cross club in Liverpool. She went to Europe with the red cross, was in Paris for the liberation parade and then went to Germany. She was secretary/house keeper at the red cross club in Regensburgh and attended the Nurenberg trials. I have some wonderful letters which she wrote describing the state of post war France and Germany. A very dear friend of hers was Alan Kleine who was her boss in Germany. She kept the friendships she made with Americans for the rest of her life and visited them in America. I don't know what americans think of the english women red cross workers, but I thought I'd put this onto your web in case you think it's of any value to others.
Both my mother and my aunt were terrific women, brave and intelligent. THey survived the terrible bombing raids on Liverpool, taking cans of tea to people in the shelters and their experiences with the red cross gave them a life-long interest and affection for the United States.

Durham, England
Wed, 9 Feb 16:49:52 2005

Peter van Beelen

I am desperately looking for pics of cinemobiles, to make a model of one for a big display. Has anyone got some pictures in the memorabilia box? I's love to build a website with more pics when they would be available.

Tue, 1 Feb 07:05:52 2005


hi great site looking for uniforms summer, and hat. and winter hat, hanbangs ect ww2 red cross club mobile any info would be appreciated.As we are reenacting this year.

Sat, 29 Jan 12:11:56 2005

Kelly Fetkovich

I am looking for info on my Grandfather, William E. Glover. He was under Pattons 3rd Army 90th division. He also recieved the Silver Star sometime in the 40s. If any one has ay info they could give me that would be great. Thanks, Kelly

Monaca Pa
Fri, 28 Jan 18:18:52 2005

win a smith

Our office is in Brown Street Salisbury is in a building that we are told was a Donut Dugout during WW2. We are told it came over as a prefabricated building form the USA. Is there anyone who can help us with information about who would have run it and where the building came from. Thank you.

Salisbury, England
Fri, 28 Jan 06:10:52 2005

Tim & Terry Allen

Hello all,
The grouping from Clubmobiler Mary Witt that we wrote about has arrived and it is fantastic! 2 Battle dress tunics and trousers, dress tunic and 2 skirts, 3 billed hats, wool overcoat with red liner, M43 field jacket, long cool weather coat, dag tags, pins, patches and phots! This type of grouping is so rare to find. We have been looking for just a single battledress uniform for about 4 years. If anyone would like, we will forward photos to share.
Tim & Terry Allen


Eldersburg, MD
Thu 13 Jan 19:40:52 2005

smadar (vivian)

i am looking for my grandfather, he was in morocco during ww2 serving in tha navy. he met my grandmother yamna-miriam and i thing thay got marriade. he went back to usa and my grandmother and mother staied in morocco. my mothers name is vivian and she was born in 1946. i will be greatful for any info. thanks smadar


Mon, 10 Jan 11:34:52 2005

Simon Bang

What a brave story and what a very fine and interesting site. Thanks for keeping the story alive! All the best. Simon Bang


Mon, 10 Jan 08:03:52 2005

Tim & Terry Allen

Hello Jim and the other wonderful people who make this website happen. We just purchased an entire Clubmobile grouping once owned by Ms.Mary Witt. We have no idea which group she belonged to or the name of her truck. If anyone knows more about this brave lady, please let us know. We are thrilled to get her battledress uniforms, hats, field jacket, dress uniform, photos, pins, insignia and other personal items. This grouping will take center stage when we do our living history displays for the public. We now just need to know more about her. Thank you, Tim & Terry Allen


Eldersburg, Maryland
Sun, 09 Jan 18:57:52 2005

Rita Robinson

I am looking for anyone who might have known a Polish soldier serving under British Command. His name is ZDZISLAW GORGOL lastknown whereabouts? England is all I know. He has a son in Canada he knows nothing about. My aunt Teresa Wolf last saw him in 1947.


Wed, 05 Jan 00:02:52 2005

Alan Newark

Hiya..Am really pleased that I found this site. Well done and don't give up.
Have y'all seen www.dpcamps.org? Run by Olga Kaczmar of Cal., USA and contributed to by a cast of hundreds, including yours truly.
This non-partisan but MAINSTREAM Site lists numerous 20th Century camps, including Soviet and Nazi lagers, for DPs, Refugees, Forced Labourers, Political Prisoners, Others involuntarily displaced from homes and loved ones, scattered and scarred by conflict.
If you are searching for a loved on, for such a camp or for archives information, the above is the world's largest such site.
If all you are able to do is to add a single item of information, this item might be what another has devoted years to searching for.
This writer has contributed many items.
You can, too.
This writer is interested in WWII POWs and in WWII -1940's Soviet and Polish DPs and DPs but welcomes all sorts of offerings.
I am especially interested in the Wehrmacht's WWII Georgian Legion and in 1945-47 Anglo-US compulsory repatriation of Soviet and Polish Nationals by Allied Forces in Western Europe.
Particular interest focusses upon the Canadian Sector Soviet DPs' camps and in shipments of DPs from Oldenburg and Sande, Hannover Provinz, via Adelheide, Ludwigslust, Magdeburg , other exchange points.
Ditto US Civil Affairs and DPs Welfare.
Anything to do US Red Cross / Ambulance with Clark Gable and the USAF's 303rd Bomber Squadron in England is mighty welcome.
Reciprocal research guaranteed.
NB Please also visit www.wikipedia.org and make up and add a page about your favourite subject. Besten and mfg..Alan Newark


Scotland; living Leeds, England
Tue, 04 Jan 05:00:52 2005


Je souhaite simplement vous dire toute l'admiration que j'ai pour ces femmes merveilleuses de l'ARC et pour ce qu'elles ont fait. Je m'intéresse à l'histoire de la 2ème Guerre mondiale (WW II) et aux véhicules de cetet période. Si vous le souhaitez je peux vous envoyer par e-mail des photos de GMC 2 1/2 ton Clubmobile. Sincerely yours. Jean-Michel Boniface

[Translation: I wish simply to tell you the admiration that I have for these marvelous women of the ARC and what they did. I am interested in the history of the Second World War and in the vehicle of that period. If you wish I could send you by email photos of the GMC 2 1/2 ton Clubmobile. Sincerely yours, Jean-Michel Boniface]

Paris France
Sun, 19 Dec 05:59:44 2004

Larry Wilson

Searching for any info about Captain Joe D. Dobbs who died at the 53rd General Hospital on 18 May 1945 Merebrook Farm, Malvern Wells, England. The only thing known is a gunshot wound. CPT Dobbs was with the Ordnance Department?

Texas, USA
Tue, 14 Dec 10:4053 2004

John & Eileen

is the background color of the ARC Cubmobile shoulder patch completely yellow or, yellow border W/ white center (behind the cross ?
Also, can anyone I.D. the pins that the girls are wearing over their left pockets of their RAF issue battledress uniforms in the pictures on this website? We would appreciate any info.
Great Website!!!

Thanks, John & Eileen Gilbert

Canyon Country, CA
Sun,12 Dec 15:28:53 2004

James Birkby

I'm trying to trace Frieda Kempton who served with the Accounts Deptarment, ARC in Tiverton, Devon during WWII. Any help would be gratefully received..


Sun, 12 Dec 11:54:29 2004


William D. Strickland

I am trying to assist my cousin in finding any information on a WW 2 Merchant Marine Crew member that is her father that was killed while he was in the Merchant Marine in WW 2. His full name is (Louis Lee Hillman) and was from Vernon Parish area of Louisiana. Send any information to my e-mail-Thank you-WDS.

Leesville, Louisiana
Fri, 10 Dec 09:43:53 2004


I am looking for any information i can get my hands on. You see my grandma has reciently become very ill and not at all incoherent, and while we where cleaning her house we found a trunk full of red cross memoribillia that we knew nothing about. Litterally hundereds of pictures, patches, pins, letters to and from family and v-mail, her old complete red cross uniform, postcards, newspaper clippings and much more. From what we can surmise he was a nurse on the red cross ships named the thistle?, meany? and one other I can't recall but I have both postcards and actual pictures of the ships. She was not a typical nurse in that she did nothing medical but wrote letters and documents for injured soldiers that couldn't write for themselves. Before the war she was a english teacher. I am trying to peice together certian peices of her life that she told no one about so I ams not sure what or who the clubmobilers where but would greatly appriciate any information. Such as, does the red cross have any records of pepole that served in ww2 that are viewable to the public? Is there a certian name for what my grandmas title was? How should I keep and store these pictures and clothing? Should I get any of it insured? or appraised? My family lives in California so I have a fairly good size portion of things I am sorting through at my house in Texas but would be happy to send pictures in emails of examples to anyone that has some information to help me. I am named after my grandma and hold the name with pride. I hope to do her justice by displaying her memory and achievements not in a trunk, but proudly for anyone who wants to see. Thanks for all your help.

Fri, 26 Nov 00:01:53 2004


A friend told me of your site. He said that I will find just the information here I was looking for.
That was definitely right. Good work. You surely have one of the most interesting sites in net.
I believe in your way of doing, so go on this way. It' surely the right way.

Tue, 23 Nov 19:04:53 2004

Jay Quisenberry

My Mother, Jayne Stickrod, served as a Captain of an ARC Clubmobile under Patton. Some members of her group were lost when they drank from a well poisoned by the Germans. She once received a Silver Star for bringing in a German troop singlehandedly. In addition, she was awarded a medal of Honor by the Russians at a conference she attended. She was presented some of Hitler's sherry goblets by Army Rangers who had liberated the Eagle's Nest. Once, she somehow managed to convince Gen.Patton to pose for a photo with his helmet OFF! I still have this great shot.
Jayne was training (swim team) for the Olympics which were canceled due to WWII. She somehow acquired a copy of a film of the German's "Olympics" which they held without the rest of the world's attendance. (Very interesting)
She later served in Korea as a combat survival swim instructor...
Sadly, my Mother passed away in 1975, and I have so many unanswered questions.
If anyone can help me "fill in any blanks" or perhaps even KNEW Jayne, please contact me!
I have alot of valuable memorabilia I would like to donate to the Women's Memorial (any info here is also appreciated...)
Also, I need to know if she was also commisioned in the Army. (After all, she did receive the Silver Star...)
Any help with research or helpful websites I can use to compile her "story" will be gratefully received!
God Bless America!
Jay Quisenberry

Cocoa Beach, Florida
Thu, 11 Nov 19:57:53 2004

Joi Pfost

She volunteered in a big building in the middle of Oxford with the Red Cross. She was about 19yrs old in the early 1940's. She went by Lucy and was polish. My grampa would like to know if she is still alive. His name is John Lake. He was about 4 years older than her. He thinks she was born in about 1925. If you have anything that might help us find her I would be so grateful. I have been trying to find a website that could help us. Without her last name it has been impossible. And we don't know if she was ever married or not. Thank you for your time. I am at a complete loss of how to keep pursuing this for him. He is 83 now and would like some closure. You are the only website I can find that seems remotely able to help us. Thank you for your time. Joi Pfost

Nampa, Idaho United States
Tue, 02 Nov 11:26:53 2004

Diane Mercomes

I'm looking for information about my aunt, Geneva Mercomes, who served in the American Red Cross in Europe and the UK during World War II, and again in Korea during the Korean Incident. Thanks for any information you can give me.

originally, Kansas
Sun, 17 Oct 13:42:53 2004

John Roberts

As they said many years ago, Eureka, I have found it. With the help of a couple of Clubmobiler Gals, Katy Kirkpatrick Huell and Eloise Reilly I have located another from the Red Cross
WW2 Comm. Calendar. Sally Craighill. With out this great site I would still be running around in circles. Thanks Jim for it.

Murfreesboro, TN
Sat, 09 Oct 19:42:53 2004


We are currently 4 girls in the UK who have started re-enacting a Clubmobile unit in the UK. We've been quietly working and researching for a year and I now feel we can introduce ourselves.

We want to do justice and accurately portray Clubmobile workers, and have been slowly piecing together uniform, insignia and our Clubmobile set up, working with tents as a vehicle is out with our reach.

We will have space on our Units web site soon (see below) and welcome comments, suggestions and criticism ­ we want people to be happy with our portrayal.

This site is a wonderful source of reference for uniform and all manner of useful information, thank you for sharing with us.

I hope to hear from some of you soon.

Re-enacted Captain of ARC Clubmobile unit attached to
Big Red One, Easy Company,
16th Infantry, 1st US Infantry Division.

Cheshire, UK
Mon, 27 Sep 05:46:53 2004


My stepfather has a book of photos and a roster of people who served at the 53rd general hospital in Merebrook Farm, Malvern Wells. Can you contact me in regards to whether or not he can be of any help in providing information to you, as he was there during the war as a pharmacist. Also, is anyone out there who knows him? His name is Benjamin Sliwinski and I'm sure he would like to chat. Thanks, Roger

Toledo, Ohio
Fri, 24 Sep 18:42:53 2004

Lowell Geiger

Message: wow-the hairs on the back of my neck are standing up - here, I thought I was the only one wanting to write abot the Red Cross and Clubmobiles during WWII...not sure why I never researched the Internet for info given that I've worked in the industry for years but it's so great to find this site. Just pulled our an artical written by PFC. Alfred H. Fenton which I imagine was in the Providence, RI paper about my great aunt, Priscilla Burton, and the Red Cross Clubmobiles. She arrived in England in AUgust of 1943 and the article is about her and a women named Georgia Carson who arrived in England in May 44, Omaha Beach and the VII Corps in July 44 and then went on to Holland. Pre worked out of "Old Dominion" and Georgia out of "Everglades." They were interviewed in Germany and the other people mentioned are: Capt. Gardner A. Dean of Boston, Lt. Jim Lovitt, Gordon Otis, and a pvt. Dugas from Providence from Providence along with Pfc. Felix J. Szarek from West Waric!
k. Also mentioned are Lt. Dick Newell and Capt. Ben Bradford who were aviators. After my Aunt Pre passed away I saved quite a bit of memorabilia and have become curious and a bit obsessed with WWII. I do have her uniform and also my great uncle, her brother, Fletcher Burton was on of the first men to be killed in the invasion of Normandy--To ramble on just a bit longer. I found a box full of maybe 150 love letters written between Pre and a man she left here in the states when she joined the RC. He married when she was away - but when she came back we believe she saw him in NY after which she wouldn't come out of her roomat her parents for 9 months -(dead serious)--she remained unmarried for the rest of her life and I can't help but think there's a mystery to solve here. I'd appreciate information from anyone who may have know Priscilla and/or Fletcher Burton or anyone mentioned above. Also, I have some interesting records Phonographs?) from WWII as well as manuals han!
ded out to the RC regarding all sorts of policies such as entertainment, benefits and even notification of injury/death. Pre kept everything-even cancelled checks her mom wrote to the butcher in 1912 so I don't doubt these things are authentic--sorry for the info dump but if anyone is interested please get in touch. Thanks!

Darien, CT
Thu, 23 Sep 23:04:53 2004


Thank you for this site. I am searching for anyone who knows of any ARC Clubmobile vets in INDIA during WWII. Thanks to all of you who served and CARED!! We are so proud and grateful!

Fri, 03 Sep 21:35:53 2004

John Roberts

I had the great pleasure of finding Virginia Griffith Hannum. An American Red Cross worker who served in WW 2 and Korea. I had the photo of her in the Korean War calendar put in a frame and sent it to the Ft. Wayne, IN. chapter who had a great presentation for her. I have talked with her and I think she has some info on others? She told me she will always be RED CROSS. It was wonderful talking to her and plan on visiting her when we go up north to visit the kids. This is the best site ever. Those gals did a remarkable job during the Wars. Love them all.

Murfreesboro, TN
Mon, 23 Aug 18:42:53 2004

Jim Gasperini

Hello, Tim--

Actually, there is a military vehicle club that has restored a Clubmobile...in France. The group is called Union Jeep Vexin, and shots of their clubmobile can be seen at http://perso.wanadoo.fr/unionjeepvexin/gmc_red_cross_mobile.htm

Through this site the group contacted us last winter, inviting former clubmobilers to join them at ceremonies commemorating thee D-Day anniversary last June. Group K's Janet Dillon Blair made the trip and was their guest of honor. A report on her experience will be posted here soon. Union Jeep Vixen has posted a full report on "Janet's Day," including her baptising their restored clubmobile with the name of her old one (Dallas), is at


There's also an illustrated story of Janet's clubmobile experience at http://perso.wanadoo.fr/unionjeepvexin/janet%20blair.htm (the first long text part of which seems mostly borrowed from Elma Fay's history of clubmobiles on this site).

These pages are in French. To get a rough but understandable translation, go to http://www.google.com/language_tools?hl=en

Copy and paste the web address into the "translate a web page" box, choose "French to English" and click the Traslate button.


Kensington, CA
Fri, 13 Aug 15:42:53 2004

Tim Allen

My wife participates in WWII living histories and I do as well. Her impression is a Red Cross Clubmobiler. We have just purchased a 1942 CCKW long bed which we will be coverting into a Clubmobile. I would like to know if any of you veteran Clubmobilers can send me a "floorplan" or your memories of what the inside looked like. Where was the doughnut machine located, coffee maker, storage compartments etc. This would help out greatly in our restoration. To my knowledge, there is no Clubmobiles in the restored military vehicle clubs anywhere. Thanks! Tim & Terry Allen

Eldersburg, Maryland
Wed, 04 Aug 18:42:53 2004


Tim Allen

I would love to have some of my uncles added to the memorial how can I do this. My Great Uncle Roy James Kidd fought in WW11 and received the silver star and purple heart. Ihave another great Uncle in WW11 and four uncles that fought in WW11 I am prosd of all the vets and I need some help thank you so much gerri culler gcullerATSIGNfirstcentury

Tue, 13 Jul 14:42:53 2004


amelia murphy (dunphy)

my very brave and couragous dad William J Dunphy served in the war (Korean)from 1950 or 51 to 1953 .He was in the medical service in Korea.Born in Newfoundland in 1927 .Went to the army ATSIGN a very young age of 18 i think.Dad died in July 14 in the year 2002.very sudden.Icry every day for him .Iand all our family as well.He served our country as well as his family.Very honoured to have him as long as he was with us .Bless you all alive or deceased

st.johns newfoundland
Wed, 7 Jul 08:01:53 2004


My name is Frank and I am 22 years old. I am very interested on the WW II and esspecially on the Battle of the Bulge because our City Diekrich was involved in the battle too. As my grand father has been living here he tels me a lot about those times.
So I am really interested in what happened here in 1944 and 1945.
I am even organizing an exhibiton in September here in the town to show people in my age how it was during the war and that we shall never forget those men and women who gave us our liberty.
As I was sufing on the internet I came to this page and there I found pictures which were taken here in Luxembourg and even in Diekrich. I was facinated about that.
I would be very happy to get some information from people who can tell me more about their experiences and the time here in Luxemb. and during the bulge. Because those people can tell more than any Document.
I would be very very happy to come in contact with the girl who is on the pictures and who was also here in Luxemb. and Diekrich.(I think it was Charlotte ??)
Thank you for reading this message and I hope to hear from you soon.
Bye bye. Frank

Tue, 29 Jun 17:23:53 2004

Diane Patterson

I'm currently engaged in a research project about the World War Two era. I'm having a hard time finding information about the young ladies who became volunteer nurses aids during the war years. I'm specifically looking to find infornation about volunteers in the New York area during the war. Also, I'm trying to find information or personal accounts of Red Cross "Grey Ladies". Any websites/ personal accounts or hints would be much appreciated.

Wasau, WI
Mon, 28 Jun 16:484:53 2004

John Roberts

Since I first found this site I have been in contact with many clubmobilers and have recieved much info on who I have been looking for. Also the people I have contacted have been more help in my understanding who a Red Cross person is and how it affects everyone they meet. If we could only take the time to listen, as they did when listening was important to the servicemen and servicewomen they were tending to, and writing the stories they tell (with their permission) of their experiences during the dark hours of WW2/Korea/Vietnam and all the rest of the times they were there when help couldn't wait, we would not be losing important history. being a Red Cross volunteer has been one of the most heart warming times in my life. Most of the stories you read about in news papers are mostly wrong when they try to put down an organization such as the Red Cross. It seems that the more you can denounce some things, without stretching the truth too far, the more the public !
is intrested in it, and that sells papers! As a Red Cross volunteer, i ask all of the people who have been to this wonderful site do a little listening when the moment comes. be it a relative of a Red cross person or a serviceman or woman, listen to the story they want to tell and maybe ask them if it's alright to jot it down, maybe tape it, and tell others about it. then get on this site and let the rest of us know! I'll do the same.
john roberts-volunteer-ARC

Murfreesboro, TN
Sun, 27 Jun 16:04:53 2004

Cynthia McLean

I am working on a memoir of my Mother --Mary Spencer Kimball ("Kimmie")-- and a significant chapter in the section on her Mentors is "Gen. George S. Patton Jr"...Mother joined Patton's 3rd Army December 1944 and first worked with Jean Gordon and Betty South. She also accompanied Patton when he went into Buchenwald. A lifelong admirer of Gen Patton and a good friend of Jean Gordon, she adamantly maintains that rumours of an affair between Gen. Patton and his niece Jean Gordon are pure malicious rubbish.
Mother's still kicking (83), riding her horse and reading everything written about Patton & the 3rd Army. I would appreciate any information/stories available about ARC Clubmobile Group L members, living or dead, to flesh out her own many stories and photographs of that time.
Thank you. Cynthia McLean

Vancouver, BC, Canada
Fri, 18 Jun 13:06:53 2004

Charlie Bury Jr

I'm a WW2 History Nut! I served 22yrs in the 29th Inf. Division just retired last year. Your story is awsome! Your web site is unbelievable. You are a true American Hero for which I thank you! SFC(ret) Charlie Bury Jr


Baltimore, Maryland
Tue, 15 Jun 21:48:34 2004

eliot jones

i was wandering if you could tell me anything about a boat called madeline that was involved in the evacuation of dunkirk in 1944

Fri, 11 Jun 14:04:34 2004

B.J. Olewiler

I recently published a book about my experiences as a Clubmobiler in WWII. It is called "A Woman in a Man's War;" subtitled "Reflections of a Red Cross Donut Girl of WWII." The book is a strictly personal account of what it was like to be a Clubmobiler and how the experience shaped my life. I wrote the first draft shortly after I came home from the war, and revised it with reflections from today's perspective for publication las November. I believe it would be useful for those wishing to know more about the actual life of the RCClubmobiler, as well as anyone wishing to read one peron's reactions rather than an official history.

I was with Group H attached to the XXth Corps of Patton's Third Army, and was Captain of the "Cedar Rapids." The book is available at local bookstores, Amazon. com, Borders.com or at www.xlibris.com/bookstore.
P. S. To the sergeant who said that we paid attention to the officers only and ignored the GI's, I address that perception in one chapter.
B.J. (Thomas) Olewiler

York, PA
Fri, 11 Jun 10:58:34 2004



Toney Honeyman

I am working on a history of all the Station and General Hospitals in the ETO (UK, France and Belgium)in 1942-6..I would love to hear from anyone who served with or has information on any of these units (there were nearly 200!!.

Thame, near Oxford, UK
Thu, 10 Jun 12:37:34 2004

Sharon Cole-Grace

My father was in italy during wwII, we have a picture of him standing in front of a building that we understand was the red cross club. My brother recently went to italy 60 years later to try and locate the building. people told him it was probably sicily. we have many other pictures of him with other servicemen. if anyone knows where the location is or was, we are planning another trip in the near future. Dad didn't talk much about the war, he has passed on but we would like to visit the place where he was. my dad's name was arthur cole

bullhead city az
Tue, 8 Jun 22:24:34 2004

Ken Monaghan

As a London-based American Red Cross mobile-projectionist for about six months in 1944, my daily job was to drive a Hillman-10 to several different American Red Cross Clubs and/or American military facilities (mostly in the London area) ­ set up the two 16mm projectors I carried ­ and show movies. Several times a week I would pick-up “new” films at London railway stations. Hitler’s V-1 “Buzz Bomb” bombardment of London was in full swing (it started during my 18th birthday party on June 13, 1944).

I am writing in hope that someone will remember me, or some of the details above or below, and can help by confirming or filling in details needed so I can receive benefits this (almost) 78-year-old needs.

For example: one day at the American Red Cross club at London’s Golden Square ­ awaiting noontime chow which would be followed by a movie I would show ­ a group of GIs and this writer were standing outside whistling at a pretty girl in a red outfit who walked by. We then went up to the second floor to stand in the chow-line. A shadow flashed across the windows. Based on my experience I (alone) instantly recognized it as a V-1 “Buzz Bomb” about one second before the impact explosion. I yelled “DOWN” and shoved several GIs near me down to the floor with me.

An instant later the explosion showered us with glass from the “taped” windows, and there were minor cuts, but my warning no doubt prevented serious injury or death. We went outside to see if we could be of help. The pretty girl in red was badly injured. One eye was hanging down on her cheek. I took her and others to hospital in the Hillman-10 (a pick-up truck with a canvas roof over the rear).

Born in America to British parents . . . I was living with them in London, while attending college, when WWII started in 1939. From 1940 ­ during the Battle-of-Britain ­ to 1942 I attended Pre-RAF college, on England’s south coast. And we spent our lunch-periods watching the dog-fights in the skies overhead. We all vowed to become fighter pilots.

In 1942, I was selected at age 16 to complete my flight training on board Britain’s largest flying boat. We flew unarmed from the south of England to Foynes, in the neutral south of Ireland, to meet Pan American Airways “Clipper” flying boats which ­ because they were unarmed ­ would not fly to war-torn England. While I learned every job-function on our plane, we served as the England-Ireland leg of the Pan Am’s transatlantic VIP passengers and diplomatic mail. And, while in the air, I was the VIP’s liaison-person. One VIP we transported was Admiral King, Commander-in-Chief, Allied-Atlantic-Fleet.

The British would not release me to become a fighter-pilot (like all of my friends). They said that I was too valuable in what they had me trained for: to fill in for any flying boat crew-member who became incapacitated. So, I visited London’s American Embassy and showed them my American birth certificate. I told them that I wanted to become a U.S. Army Air Corps fighter pilot. The American Embassy agreed that I probably could if I acted before my 18th birthday, but it would take time to verify my birth and to get started I would have to immediately give them my British passport. This meant I could no longer fly to Ireland for the British and would have no income. Furthermore, the American Embassy wanted me to stay in the London area so that I could quickly answer any questions that came up. The American Embassy said they could arrange for me to be employed in the London area ­ as a British subject ­ by the American Red Cross. That is how I became a projectionist. O!
ne problem. Even though I could pilot a huge 4-engine flying boat, like most English people at that time, I did not know how to drive a car.

My American citizenship was verified, I passed my U.S. Army physical, and I was in the process of signing into the U.S. Army Air Corps. in the recruiting office at the American Embassy when I overheard whispered conversation and learned that I could not fly if I joined the USAAC in the European Theater of Operations (ETO). In other words, the recruiting people were lying to me. Very angry . . . I threw down the pen and quickly walked out down the Embassy’s long marble hallway with a little Navy chief running alongside begging me to change my mind, then threatening what was going to happen.

To get to America, join the USAAC, and become a fighter-pilot . . . a few days later I signed up at the London offices of the U.S. Merchant Marine as a replacement for a seaman who had been killed, injured or taken sick. These offices were called the U.S. War Shipping Administration/Recruitment & Manning Organization (WSA/RMO). A few days later (on the second day of the V-2 attacks on London) I was sent by train to Southampton to be met by a U.S. Army jeep and taken to the docks to be signed on board a ship. However, the Army jeep had an accident on the way to the docks and I missed the ship. Three days later I was signed aboard an American munitions ship. Three rather active months later I arrived in America, just before Christmas Day.

In America in January 1945 I volunteered to join the USAAC, but failed the physical exam that I had passed at London’s American Embassy. And, they refused to tell me why I failed. I was brokenhearted . . . I loved flying. Fortunately, the radio officer on the ship had befriended me upon learning that I had built radios in London as a hobby before WWII and that I had flight radio experience with the British. He told me how to become an American ship’s radio officer, in case my USAAC plans to fly failed to materialize. So I applied for ship’s radio officer training, but I failed their even less stringent physical exam. The reason I failed was “war neurosis”, for which the U.S. Merchant Marine treated me before they would allow me to start radio officer traing.

I completed my training and sailed as a combination radio officer and purser for about six years, all around the world, aboard tankers and on troop transports. Then I got into high technology engineering sales, found I had talent as an inventor, and became a registered Professional Engineer. For a good while everything went well. Then my business soured due to dishonesty of a business associate. And, health became a problem, including loss of vision in one eye and cancer.

So after a rather full and interesting life I find myself in the twilight years, no longer able to work and without the funds to live. Thank God I am entitled to veteran’s medical benefits, but, because all my records were destroyed in a fire and because I have been unable to get proof from the British that I flew with the then para-military, fledgling, BOAC 1942-1944 . . . or proof from the American Red Cross of my London affiliation in 1944 . . . or proof from London’s American Embassy of the 1944 events described above . . . or proof from the U.S. Army of the physical I passed in London in 1944 and failed to pass in America in 1945 . . . TOO LATE I learn the extreme importance of keeping copies ­ and copies of the copies in a separate place ­ of all life’s significant events.

One thing I omitted. My home in England from 1940 until I stopped flying in early 1944 was Bournemouth, a very beautiful town on England's south coast which became an U.S. Eight Air Force Rest Center. And I flew from Poole Harbour (about 5 miles west of Bournemouth). Bournemouth's beautuful Mirimar Hotel <http://www.miramar-bournemouth.com> was an American Red Cross officers club and when they learned I was a dual citizen born in America, living in Bournemouth, and flying out of Poole . . . they welcomed me to use the club. My friend Ken Bailey was sports editor for the Bournemouth Daily Echo newspaper. Whenever I was not flying he would give me a fist-full of free tickets to a dozen parties in town. Naturally I shared these tickets with my American friends at the Miramar. Unfortunately, my friend Ken Bailey has passed on . . .

If anyone reading this remembers me ­ Ken Monaghan ­ or has any comments or suggestions, I look forward to hearing from you ­ kmonaghanATSIGNgot.net <mailto:kmonaghanATSIGNgot.net>

Monterey Bay area, Calif, USA
Sun, 06 Jun 04:45:27 2004

eliot jones

my name is eliot jones I have
known about ww2 for 4 years now
like i know about the aircraft like the b-17 flying forterss and the mustang
corsiar all other aircarft of that war.
and i know the guns of ww2. but I THANK YOU FOR KEEPING OUR WORLD SAFE

walkill, new york
Tue, 25 May 19:20:34 2004

dick wykoff

I was wounded and in the hospital at Mirecourt, France around the middle of Nov'44 when the Germans straffed and bombed the place. Sent to a hosp in Cirencester, England then to Bicester, England need names of hospitals last two were part of the 15th hosp. center at Cirencester. Need info for claim. Love to the Red Cross Gals they were great Dick W

Detroit-Coral Springs, Fl
Thu, 20 May 20:17:34 2004


Hi, Does anyone know who, or what organization during WWII requested that youn women on the homefront write letters and address them to "Any Serviceman" which were then randomly distributed to boost morale? This is how my Mom and Dad met.

Thanks, Louise
Sat, 15 May 22:50:34 2004


Julia Rose

My aunt - Renee Matthews from Hereford had a "liaison" with an American Serviceman who was staioned at Foxley, Hereford during the second world war.  She had a son called John and he would dearly love to trace his father.  Can anyone help?

Hereford, England
WW2 - American forces, Foxley
Sat, 15 May 12:50:34 2004

josephine schwaebe

my name was Jo. Sippy I worked at Rainbow corner red cross club in London and Paris from Jan 42 until the end of the war.
I was awarded the Bronze star.

jesippy ATSIGNaol.com
san diego
Sun, 2 May 12:50:34 2004

David Rowe

Please could any one tell me what divisions were stationed in Kidderminster (Burlish Camp) during WW2, im am trying to find out about a JOHN VINCENT (USARMY

kidderminster UK
Sun, 2 May 09:39:49 2004

Shirley Powers

I love these stories! I serve as the Volunteer Historian--Memorabilia for the American Red Cross. Will be happy to hear from folks with questions regarding uniforms, pins, etc. I may not have all the answers, but will do my best. My web page might also be of interest to some. Mostly pictures of "stuff" from all eras.

Albuquerque, NM, USA
Wed, 21 Apr 08:58:34 2004

Maydelle Smith Meier

I'm a little later than you - in 1953, I joined a clubmobile unit in Korea, serving with the 2nd Division and I Corps. Was overseas five years - Korea, Morocco, France.
I do know, through Am. Red Cross Overseas Ass'n, a couple of ladies who would be eligible to join your group -
Would anybody remember Juanita Langlor, who served in England and France, in 1944-45? She is 101 years old now and wishes she could make contact with someone she knew. Other names with whom she served: Eleanor Morse, Elizabeth Dodds, Maxine Rhody, and Ruth Strong. Please contact me if you know any of these ladies.

New Mexico
Tue, 20 Apr 227:43:34 2004

Lynn Jackson

I am a re-enactor with the Big Red One, 1st Infantry Division and I portraying a Clubmobile girl.
This website is wonderful, there is so much information and I have learnt so much.
I have almost completed my battledress uniform and was able to hand out coffee and doughnuts to out unit at Studland bay recently (04/2004) We spend the weekend training and preparing for the events in Normandy at the beginning of June 2004.
I'd love to speak to anyone about the difficulties the GI's and RC girls faced. A lot of the information I have found is through letters home where I'm sure the whole truth was hidden. I want to be able to show how difficult it was to survive, lack of any comforts etc.

Cheshire, UK
Mon, 19 APr 15:59:37 2004

brianne .M.

i have been doing research for a school project and this web site help us out alot
thank you
brianne .M.

ont. canada
Fri, 16 Apr 12:27:26 2004

David Rousseau

I am trying to learn about my dad during WW2, Headquarters Detachment 120th medical battalion. His occupation was Heavy truck driver 931. He is listed in the 116th General Hospital Logbook. I know he made it to Nurnberg Germany and set up the Standort-Lazarette as the Hospital l6-24-45.If any one has any info to share that would be great.

New Hampshire
Wed, 31 Mar 17:07:26 2004
Nigel Lloyd

Looking for information on my Grandfaterh Owen Griffith Lloyd,who ran away to sea at 15, Served in the Royal Navy as a gunner from 1914 until the end of the 2nd World War, He served on the battle ship HMS ROYAL SOVEREIGN During 1926 as able seaman, he was a gunnery instructer at pwllehli at the end of service can anyone help with any crew he served with or anyone who trained at pwllheli during this time

Sat, 27 Mar 23:25:26 2004

Melinda Jones-Edwards

I am currently constructing a memorial website in honor of Red Cross employees and volunteers who have lost their lives in the line of duty, specifically during times of war. Please email me names and dates you might have, along with any other pertinent information. I will post a link to the website as soon as it's near completion. Thanks so much...Melinda

Murfreesboro, Tennessee
Sat, 27 Mar 13:39:26 2004

Ruth Bondy Linvill

Served with the 85th Infantry Div., and the 1st Armored Div. from 1943-1945 - N. Africa and Italy. If Millicent Pacey is around, please get in touch by e-mail.
Life-changing experiences -- 4000 donuts a day, and too many stories to tell in this space.
Ruth - now in CA - Marin Co.

Betheda, MD
Sun, 21 Mar 18:41:26 2004


I am looking for anyone who might have served at or been to the Red Cross Club in Naples, Italy during WWII. My late grandmother, Irene Randall, served there and I am writing about her life, but need more info.

The Iowa Writers' Workshop
Tue, 16 Mar 16:18:26 2004

Steve Miner

Iam looking for WWII Army Nurse Corps vets (especially hospital ships) for two reasons:
1) to honor them by collecting their oral history for the Library of Congress (I am a volunteer on the Veteran Oral History Project)
2) to speak with them and learn more about their experience so I know more about my mom's ANC contribution(she died when I was young).
3) find anyone from Army hospital ships such as the Frances Y. Slanger or Camp Kilmer, NJ and maybe find someone who knew my mom. This includes any Red Cross personnel or Army medical personnel.

Any help you or your friends can provide would be greatly appreciated.


northwest usa
Sat,28 Feb21:33:57 2004


i have found an old kit which is green with rope around the top of it to close it the bag has got
could you tell me if this is from ww2 and who is he any photos of him

Sat, 21 Feb11:06:31 2004

Jill Woodburn

I am looking for information about my mother's best friend, Emily Rea. She was with the Red Cross and was killed when the plane she was in went down near the Isle of Man. I can remember my mother reading her letters to my brother and me. Emily died before she could marry and have a family. I would love to know more about her.

Madison, Indiana
Mon,16 Feb15:03:21 2004

Paolo Tavano

I'm an italian modeler and I'm looking for pictures of GMC Clubmobile interiors arrangement. Can anybody help me? Thanks a lot for your help!!!!

Mon, 16 Feb 02:19:21 2004

John Roberts

looking for three clubmobilers who were in korea, 1951. they are loading a clubmobile with props for "korean culture" program.
there names and unit are, Helen Woodard, Mary Jean Nelson and Doris McWilliams assigned to the 8057th Army unit in korea.
Any information will be greatly appreciated. waiting to hear from you.
They are featured in the Red Cross korean war calendar, 2000
I hope to find them by March, Red Crodd month???

Murfressboro, TN
Mon, 02 Feb13:26:21 2004

John Roberts

looking for red cross women that served in korea. these women were called the "big ten" they are featured in the red cross korean war commemrative calendar which was published in 2000. here are their names. amelia horn, mary mc harg, genina mercomes, evelyn bradley, helen woleck(deceased), ann goplerud, jessica hunter, blanche coons,jean tucker.i have tried almost everything i can think of but there is always just one more way and i hope this will be it. i'm not one who gives up until i try everything E- me if you have any info. thanks for a wonderful site. all my red cross volunteers will have this site.

Murfressboro, TN
Sat, 31 Jan 14:46:19 2004

John Roberts

I started a"project find" last year(2003) and found 7 red cross women and servicemen from the ww11 commemrative calendar published in 1995. 3 of them are still with us. there are 2 servicemen and a wonderful red cross club director. she was in stratford on avon, england. in france and in bremenhaben, germany. our family and theirs have become great friends in the short time we have known each other. virginia(ekins) ellege is 90 years young and will be 91 this may the 4th. her husband has put together a bio of virginias' red cross experience for their children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. he also made one for me and my wife and i'll cherish it till the end comes for me. madeline methvin, who has comments on the site is our blood director at our chapter here in tennessee and is a model to those who asspire to become a volunteer. it's hard work at times, but being a volunteer as all those clubmobilers were during the dark days of ww11, what you get out of!
knowing that in a small way you can make a difference espially WHEN HELP CAN'T WAIT! i am currently looking for persons who are featured in the korean commemretive calendar, published in 2000 i'll be checking in soon.

Murfressboro, TN
Fri, 30 Jan 03:28:19 2004

Peter Pauwels

Who knows former clubdirector Pat Park, who served in 1945 in the 9th army restcenter in Heerlen, NL.??

Fri, 23 Jan 15:33:19 2004


Hello I am looking for a lost relative, all I know is his name:

William A Heindon aged 22 in 1948 working as a field director in Southern England, at a near an RAF base.

Tue, 20 Jan 19:50:19 2004

Danielle Koenig

In WWII photo album - owner unknown, not family - one photo of lines of soldiers, cups at the ready, by Clubmobile truck - possible name "Rio Grande"? Written on back: "Lines 1 - 2 miles at Bad Neustadt (Gen. Patton's Hq) 3rd Day" [refers to 3rd day from Berlin to demobilization camp Twenty Grand in France]. Happy to share scan jpg - just truck, no Red Cross ladies shown tho.

Poolville, NY
Tue, 30 Dec 19:50:19 2003


I just wanted to say thanks, I am going to Normandy France with the Timpview High School to celebrate the 60th anniversary of D Day. Our History professor is having us write a report about D day so we can more appreciate the trip and I am doing the resistance and aids the Allied Forces recieved. This is an awesome sight and it was a lot of help!
thank you!

Tue, 16 Dec 23:09:19 2003

Terry Allen

I am a Living Historian and I do a Red Cross impression at WWII events. I am looking for an original Clubmobile "Battle Dress" uniform. If anyone knows were I can purchase one of these please let me know. The web-site is wonderful

Eldersburg, Maryland
Fri, 12 Dec 18:36:19 2003

Dom Nessi

Looking for information about my Father

Washington, DC
Wed, 10 Dec 11:25:19 2003



Sat, 6 Dec 21:00:19 2003

Sally Goldblatt Lavigne

Do you remember our wedding in Paris, Sept 1945, Rothschild
synagogue? Remember Charlie putting up the tents? We have special
memories of ARC. Regards to all, Sally

Group K, now Bayside NY
Thu, 27 Nov 14:00:19 2003

Tony Page

I am looking for a book I read an excerpt from a few years back written by a young American student who was on an exchange visit to Germany. At the end of his stay, the grandfather of the house told him about his terrible shame caused by his 'cowardice' at Krinkelt n the face of the advancing US forces. The grandfather was a mere 14 or 15 years old then...

Anyway, the young American was so affected by what the old man said that he purposely missed his flight home and went to Krinkelt himself.

He apparently wrote a book. Does anyone know anything further?

Thanks. Tony Page UK

Surrey, England
Tue, 18 Nov 07:06:19 2003

Chris Boner Nee

GROUP B Clubmobilers. I dearly want to talk to you. Please call or email me. ph 952 484 7300. My mother was attached to your group with the cinimobile

Son of Group B cinemobiler Kay
Mon, 17 Nov 207:33:19 2003

Will Cavanaugh

What happened to the female red cross personnel captured by the Germans during the Battle of the Bulge ?

Mon, 17 Nov 11:04:19 2003



Mon, 10 Nov 07:53:19 2003

Paul D

I'm creating a web site about my grandfathers experiences in WWII and i am looking for photographs to enhance the story he wrote down.

I do have a few useful family photographs but i need some others.

I need free photographs or images that just require a mention of the owner instead of hard cash :)

I need photos of:
A German Junker 88 bomber
HMS Icarus
HMS Royal Sovereign
cruise ship Aorangi
cruise ship The Monarch Of Bermuda
A photo of Hiroshima would also be useful.

Any ideas of where to find some of these??
Any help would be very much appreciated.

Sat, 08 Nov 08:48:19 2003

Katy Kirkpatrick Huehl

Just honored by the President of American Red Cross' Marsha Evans for 60 years of service - - Joined in 1943 and served in England and on the continent until Sepot. 1945. Our Group A was one of the first to cross the channel in July 1944 - - Love to hear from any Red Crossers - - Kirk

Indianapolis, Indiana
Fri, 07 Nov 15:32:19 2003

Catherine Nob

I'm looking for anyone who served with my father, Capt. William Ernest Smith, Jr., a dentist.

Monroe, LA
Thu, 23 Oct 14:43:19 2003

Eloise Reilly

Just want to add my comments to the one below of Virginia Rothrock Haase.
Group "A" held their 33rd annual reunion here in Westport on Sept.12th and 13th...as I mentioned to you when you first put together this website...I started these reunions in 1970 in Westport...to celebrate the 25th anniversary of V.E.DAY...and some member of the group has taken it up and we have had one every year.

On several occasions...we have been joined by a daughter or two....plus family and friends. Last year in Indianapolis...we had five daughters.

This year was the icing on the cake...We had ten daughters and 2 sons.

In addition to Virginia who came down from Montreal to join her Mother...Mid Eberle Rothrock. who came in fom California... we had five of the Group "A" gals.....Anne Fergerson Boy....Bobby Bray Kratz, Bethany Tlusty,Mid, and yours truly.

Some came from great distances... Canada...Long Island... Ohio... Penna... Michigan, Seattle, Wash...New Jersey...Virginia...Calif.and five of us from Conn.

The final night we were joined by some friends and family...making it 30 for cocktails...but two could not stay for dinner....so we had 28 for the"Pot Luck" dinner. with much talk and laughter. The "Kids" were the "Cleanup crew" and what a crew they were. Most of them did not know each other before...but they were fast friends by the time they left on Sunday morning.

They had taken a vote amongst themselves....and they want the continuation of the reunions....so the
second generation has come forth.

The only disappointment of the weekend was that Elma Ernst Fay...who lives here in Westport and was captain of "K Group" was planning on being a cohostess.....but was laid low with an infection....and could not join us (she has recovered)...and Marianne Shellabarger Jepson also of "K" Group decided not to come since Elma could not make it...and I was the only one she knew of the rest of the crowd.

Westport, Conn.06880
Sun, 19 Oct 17:19:03 2003

Virginia Rothrock Haase

I'm the daughter of group "A" member Mid (Mildred) Eberle Rothrock (Calif). Group "A" just had a reunion which I was delighted to be able to attend along with several other "children".

I heard about this site while there, and rushed home to take a look. It's great! I wonder if all the pictures of clubmobilers used in this site are group "K" ladies.

Montreal, Canada
Sun, 14 Sep 20:40:19 2003

George Patterson

Camp Kaiser,Korea Reunion - May 19th-23r

The reunion will be May 19-23 2004 at the Sunrise Suites Hotel in Tinton Falls(Fort Monmouth Area) Tinton Falls, New Jersey . The activities include a trip to Atlantic City Casinos, a visit to the most highly decorated Battleship in the U S (USS New Jersey) a Cruise across New York Harbor to Manhatten Island(NYC),the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. The Banquet reunion dinner will be held at Bahrs Famous Seafood Restaurant in Highlands,N.J. (Great river and Ocean views) www.Bahrs.com <BR><BR>
This reunion is open to all Army and civilian personel and their families who served at Camp Kaiser,Korea , 10th Cavalry,17th Infantry,2nd B .G. 3rd Infantry,18th M P's 127th Sig,17th Trans, 13th Engineers, 7th Infantry Div Atry. & Red Cross personnel.(aka DonutDollies) 15th/17th Cavalry Vets(ww II - present)<BR>
For a complete list of the reunion plans and registration forms please send me your mailing address.<BR>
Camp Kaiser Reunion c/o
George Patterson <BR>
PO Box410<BR>
Navesink, N.J. 07752

Sandy Hook, NJ
Wed, 3 Sep 19:09:39 2003

Betty Pieper In the Bedfordshire County Life Magazine there is a great story about Anona Moeser and the Red Cross. She organized an Am. Red Cross Service Club in England 1943. I worked with Anona in Japan 1968-1970. If you do a search on "Anona Moeser", the link will come up. Does anyone remember or know Anona?
Houston, Texas
Bedfordshire County Life Magazine online
Tue Aug 19 19:32:12 2003

BOBBIE SUE NEUMANN-FRAME I am searching for any info. concerning the less than 100 female doctors who served in WW11 France or Holland. Any details of their lives in the military will give me idea's for my book called Symptoms. It is merely a novel but I would like to be as accurate as possible. Thanking you in advance, Bobbie Sue Neumann-Frame
Thu Aug 7 114:32:12 2003

Sergio my grand father was in omaha beach he was with the tamahas which was with the first wave.
Rio Grande city Tx
Mon Aug 4 16:18:12 2003

Terry Farrow A great site...I've a question that has never been answered...where did the term "a cup of joe" come from:)?
Pendleton, Oregon, USofA
Thu Jul 3114:32:12 2003

Margaret Brousseau Sweet Served the Red Cross in clubs in Italy--Capri, Naples, Udine. l945-46. Would like to correspond with Arc workers and veterans who were stationed there.
Indianapolis, Ind,
Continental Club, Naples
Wed Jul 02 14:34:12 2003

Peter Worby want to hear from people who served in england during ww2......i am a friends of the 8th member..we dont know too much about you,please tell us your story....thanks
Fri Jul 11 12:19:12 2003


Anthony Leone During WWII, the guys from the LSTs ( Landing Ships ) in port would visit the Red Crossmobiles for hot coffee and donuts. I recall one lady who said I resembled her son who was in the RAF. Most of the sailors freguented the Red Cross stands, especially when they were low on funds and could not hang around the pubs. As I had lost my parents shortly before WWII, the ladies who served us hot coffee and donuts became "family." Thank you gals for making us feel that way. Good luck!
Wed Jul 02 14:34:12 2003

Katrinia Shampeau My grandfather, who is alive today, has told me many stories. This one I will share with you. My grandpa's name is Harold and he served in WWII. He remembers getting off the ship and being greeted by the Red Cross. They served hot coffee and sweets on their way to help rescue the Jews. I just wanted to tell you because I was doing some research for him .Thank you for serving our country! katrina/Olsgard
Sat Jun 28 04:34:12 2003

Pamela Mobley Looking for a Red Cross Worker/Nurse by the name of Norberta "Bert" Henri, from White Plains, New York
Fri Jun 20 18:34:12 2003

Carole Bryan My father NEAL WILSON REAGAN was stationed with the U. S. Army's 107th General Hospital Unit in Kington, England during WWII. Does anyone know anything about this unit? He was born in Madison, Georgia and inducted into the Army from Atlanta. He was in England in 1944 and 1945. He met someone at the USO Club in Hereford and a female child was born as a result of that union. Thanks for your help!
Cartersville, Georgia USA
Fri Jun 13 17:33:12 2003

Kenn Spindlow Can any body help? I am looking for any information concerning the 107th U.S Gen. Hosp, based at Kington, Herefordshire England, during WW11. Also any info about the U.S.O club based outside Kington, and also the U.S.O club in Hereford itself.
London, England
107th Medical unit
Thu Jun 10 17:70:12 2003

Dave Austin Message: I am a ww2 living historian, re-eancting with the 36th infantry division here in the Dallas area. We are looking to posibly expand our impressions to include the services provided during the war by the USO and Red Cross volunteers, specifically the canteen services provided to moving troops on trains. We wish to include at our next event a display of some sort. I am currently looking for an original Red cross nurses uniform grouping, a cape and dress, plus hat. If I cant find the originals, I wish to duplicate using other pieces. Can anyone offer me good clear pictures of a red cross outfit as used during the ww2 period? Any leads to original uniforms would be greatly appreciated as well.
Dallas, Texas
Thu Jun 05 14:59:12 2003

Jim Hannington I am researching for a movie script. Were the Greenline bus conversions the single-decker or double-decker models? Was there a "passenger side" to the driver's cab? Were cups supplied for coffee? Thank you for any answers you can give. Jim
Fri May 23 14:59:12 2003

Leeroy Bilmore I am so happy this site has been made, it has helped me so much with my school work. And i think this is the best site in the universe
Mon May 19 20:48:12 2003

Michele Turk I'm a journalist and former Red Cross employee who's writing an oral history of the American Red Cross. I'd like to interview Clubmobilers and others who served in WWII, including military personnel, about their experiences with the Red Cross. The book will cover all aspects of the ARC and the story will be told by dozens of voices, from disaster volunteers and blood donors to people who served overseas. Thanks for your help.
Fri Apri 04 18:48:12 2003

Will Cavanagh I am the author of a book entitled "Krinkelt-Rocherath, The Battle for the Twin Villages". Have got two photos of the Clubmobile outside the church in Krinkelt. Would dearly like to hear from any Clubmobiler who was in Krinkelt in December 1944.
Chester-le-Street, UK
Sat Mar 29 14:21:12 2003

Martin + Fran Collins We are currently writing a book on the American hospital camp at Foxley, Mansell Lacy, near Hereford, during WW.2. We would like to contact any memebers of the American Red Cross who served there, or indeed any Army Nurse Corps or Doctors, or any patients that spent time there. We are also looking for photos of the base to use in the book.2 hospitals were there: 123rd General Hospital + 156th General Hospital- 1944-45
Sun Mar 23 18:48:12 2003

Chris Nee Does anyone know the where abouts of "Jonie" Johnson? She was attatched to the 5th corp group B of cinimobiles in Europe. Chris Bonner Nee
Son of cinimobiler Kay Bonner Nee
Fri Mar 1418:48:12 2003

Neil Stevens Looking for copies of both "ARC in the Storm" and "Battlestars & Doughnuts" - any leads appreciated even if overseas.
Newark, Notts England
Thu Mar 13 18:48:12 2003

Tue Marr 4 18:48:12 2003

Guy Alway Please can anyone help me with information regarding the American Red Cross Clubmobile stationed in Reading, Berkshire, England, during WWII.
Mon Mar 1018:48:12 2003

Brenda I am the one writing the romance. This time I would like to know if there were any clubmobiles in the Phillipines. It's been a chore researching my project and I am ready to find a book store to order on the subject of the donut dollies. Any help at all will be incorperated into the story. Thanks and all be safe.
Binfield England UK
Thu Mar 618:48:12 2003

Brenda I am writing a romance about a clubmobiler in Italy 1944. I have no details to go by. Need a few details to make it more relatable and real. I do not know of anyone who has been through this but I am still searching. Any passions or bits of experience for a romance would be appreciated.I am calling it "DONUT LADY".
Tue Mar 4 18:48:12 2003

Brenda I am writing a romance about a clubmobiler in Italy 1944. I have no details to go by. Need a few details to make it more relatable and real. I do not know of anyone who has been through this but I am still searching. Any passions or bits of experience for a romance would be appreciated.I am calling it "DONUT LADY".
Tue Marr 4 18:48:12 2003

Tue Marr 4 14:00:12 2003

Jim Madison I'm seeking information about Elizabeth Richardson, who was with the Red Cross in England and then in France, 1944-1945, and who died in an airplane crash in July, 1945, and is buried at Normandy.
Bloomington, Indiana
Mon Mar 3 19:48:12 2003

Neil Stevens What a fantastic website, my only negative comment being that it took me almost three hours to view all of the pictures!! But boy what pictures! This area of the WW2 American presence in the UK has been very poorly recorded largely due to the lack of available material, but you've certainly put that right.
As a 35 year old historian of the US GI's in the UK during WW2 and a WW2 US military vehicle collector (who has owned two different WW2 GMC 6x6 21/2 ton trucks), I have been trying to discover more about the clubmobiles used by the ARC in the UK and on the continent. Your website has provided a wealth of interesting information that far surpasses anything previously found. I am interested in finding out anything at all regarding the ARC Donut Dugout in Marlborough, Wiltshire county, England (my home town) and the Club Director Miss Marion Schofield, especially photographs and recollections of the facility.
You are to be applauded for a website which really brings the ARC clubmobile activity to the fore. Interstingly, two of the original ex London bus clubmobiles still exist, one in the UK and one in Australia! Both were converted back to buses after WW2 and I can provide email pictures of both and will endeavour to confirm if Baltimore is one of them.
Newark, Notts, England
Sat Feb 22 10:15:12 2003

Arno Lasoe We here in the Belgium/Dutch/German border region are searching for some additional information about the history of the Red Cross Club Mobiles whom were stationed in the area around Tongres and Hasselt( both in Belgum), Maastricht, Valkenburg, Sittard, Heerlen and Kerkrade ( all in Holland) and Aachen, Geilenkirchen ( both in Germany). Arno Lasoe September 1944 straat 5 6418 AV Heerlen The Netherlands
Heerlen, the Netherlands
Sat Feb 15 04:09:12 2003

Lloyd White I`m Trying to find some pictures of RedCross Clubmobiles in Europe, for a book I`m doing, and try to talk to a lady that drove a Clubmobile in England or Europe and get a first had comment as to what it was like. I would also like to find a copy of the the book,"The Clubmobile, the ARC in the Storm." Thanking anybody that can help me. Sincerely, Lloyd
Sat Feb 15 02:33:12 2003

Jane Roper What a great site! I'm writing a novel which includes a character based on my grandmother, who volunteered for the Red Cross in New York and Naples during ww2. I'd love to hear stories and memories from any former volunteers who served in these areas. Also: Was there a Red Cross Club in NYC during WWII? (For social events, etc.)?.
Iowa City
Tues Feb 4 18:46:12 2003

Patricia Malone The site is beautiful! I am looking for information on the American Red Cross Grey Ladies (?) in San Francisco during WWII. I remember my aunt, Ann Ross, belonging to this group and learning to drive huge military trucks up and down the famous steep S.F. hills. I have a photograph of her and other ladies standing next to Red Cross vehicles in front of the San Francisco City Hall. She also learned how to transport, if it should be necessary, the wounded on a stretcher dragged by a horse she was riding. I am writing a novel loosely based on her life and would appreciate any information or suggestions of where I could find this information. Thank you.
Belfast, Northern Ireland
Mon Feb 3 18:46:12 2003

Liz Bailey I am editing a history of the 28th Infantry Division (Keystone Division, from Pennsylvannia)during WWII. There are several references to the ARC clubmobiles. I am very interested in hearing from any of the women who served on the clubmoblies who might have had contact with the men of the 28th. You might remember their unit patch - a red keystone. Towns where the ARC clubmobiles are mentioned: Ger(France), Luxembourg City, Arlon (Belgium), Bastogne (Belgium), Burg-Reuland (Germany?), Krinkelt (Germany?)and Roetgen (Germany?). Dates: From 19 Aug to 10 Nov, 1944. Thank you to all who served and who gave comfort to my Dad, 2nd Lt. William Bailey - 28th ID, 112th IR, I Company..
Cleveland, OH
Jan 31 11:24:12 2003

Ardis (Quiring) Jamison I'd like to hear from someone who knows of the history of the 109th Evacuation Hospital, ETO, WWII. My brother Elvin Quiring was with that unit, supposedly a clerk but also did hospital duty when needed. He passed away Aug 1996, and all his army records were lost in the fire at St. Louis, so I'm at a loss as to where to find any information. Any help will be much appreciated.
Waldport OR now, was from ND
Mon Dec 23 20:32:12 2002

Charlene Loen I would like information about the women working/volunteering for The Am. Red Cross in Hawaii betw. 1940-1945. My mother, as a high school girl, helped served food to the men in the army. We will be attending a costume party and the theme is Our War Efforts on the HomeFront. Any pictures or leads would help!!! Thanks.
San Francisco, CA, USA
Sun Dec 13 05:25:12 2002

Louise Miller Frost I am interested in information regarding Red Cross Ambulance service in Northern Africa during WWII, and particualrly any ifnormation regarding an ambulance driver, Alice de Trafford, an American living in Kenya, who was working as a volunteer ambulance driver.
South Australia
Sun Dec 8 05:25:12 2002

Sami This is a great site. I am doing a research paper in schoool on this topic and this site helped a lot.
Fri Dec 6 05:25:12 2002


Kenzie My name is Kenzie and I am from Cincinnati, OH and I am doing a project on the Red Cross and thso site was sure a help on it even though I went to the site www.redcross.org it didnt help but this site sure did and if anyone can help me by December 14, 2002 then email me at roonburgerATSIGNaol.com or can give me a site that would do so 2. Thank you, Kenzie
Cincinnati, OH
Mon Dec 2 05:25:12 2002

Barbara Groves My mother, Anne (Annie) Stewart (known to her friends as Diane), was a member of the American Red Cross in Belfast during the Second World War. She would only have been a teenager. Afterwards she was sent a letter thanking her for her services etc, but of course it has been lost.
Belfast, Northern Ireland
Fri Nov 8 05:25:12 2002

Nikki Hi, I would like to know anything about the ladies who served in any part of the second world war. I am doing a history project in class and the history of the women that fought for my country is extraordinarily important to me. I wish to hear from a lady who actually served in the war and perhaps do an online interveiw on her. I would really appreciate any information you can give me or that anyone can give me...everything helps!!! ;-) I really want to make an impact on my male chauvinist pig teacher. ((yes he is admittedly everything i just called him)) please help as much as you can!!!
Wed Oct 23 20:19:16 2002

Andrea Faullkner My Mom served with the Red Cross during WWII in England and in Europe. I am looking for those that may have served with her. Her name is Dorothy Stobbie.
Wed Oct 2 01:46:19 2002

Jo Layne Harrison I am trying to locate anyone who may have known my grandfather, William Ray (Bud) Peters who was a marine in WW2.
Sun Sep 29 00:09:47 2002

Dan AS A Red Cross Disaster Services Vol. I find this site most interesting. Also I have a restored Korean conflect MASH Ambulance. Our Chapter just loves it. This is a great site, my best wishes to all of you who served. Thank you, and God Bless.
Appleton , Wics.
Fri Aug 30 05:56:03 2002

Marty Wittstrom Great website. The technology is now here to bring so many stories and people together. I'm looking for a website or source of information for the 114th Evaluation Hospital Veterns. My Mother was with the 114th and lost track of everyone. I'm trying to get her in touch with anyone left that she might know. Thanks for the help.
Sat Aug 10 17:42:05 2002

Peter W Bardoul In September l944 my home town of Heerlen The Netherlands was a 9th US Army Restcenter. I befriended a soldier by the name of Donald Sack who operated the movie projector in the Hollandia theater across the street from the Special Service Office where an army MAJ White was in charge. Close to his desk there was the desk of this beautifully looking Red Cross lady whose name I believe was Maxine Price I was l0 years old at the time and at a young age smitten by her beauty to the point that I wanted to buy her a token of my admiration. I went into the local dept store to by her something in a fragrance. Too embarrassed to try to purchase something feminine (after all what would they think of me) I ask an older looking boy to make my purchase for me. I am still waiting for him to come back with the merchandise. In l956 I was drafted in the US Army and promptly returned to Europe to serve a tour of duty. I have so often wondered what happened to Maxine. Recently I found out through the Red Cross Archives that there was a Maxine Pease, serving in The Netherlands. But I don't think that could be her because when that particular Maxine was in The Netherlands in the war she was not married to Mr Pease yet so she would have been know by her maiden name of Waring. Hope someone who remembers my Maxine will contact me.
Dacula (Atlanta), Ga
Tue Aug 6 09:52:23 2002

margo Dungan (Poole) I would like in information on my father He served in ww11. He was staff sargent Walter morris Poole Jr. 2nd squad, 3rd platoon. My family would appericate any information given.
Sterrett, Alabama
Fri Jul 26 22:35:37 2002

Lori Interesting site to read. My great-aunt, Clare Vollet, served in the Red Cross "doughnut wagon" in the Norwich area prior to the invasion and also was part of the 109th Evacuation Hospital.
Sun Jul 7 14:32:14 2002

Tony Oliver. Hello, and thank you so much for a superb 'meeting place'. I run the 'History on Wheels' Museum near Windsor, England, and am attempting to illusrate / demonstrate the all importent part played in the UK during WW2 by the American Red Cross (especially with the CLUBMOBILES, and at RAINBOW CORNER), also the work of the USO CAMP SHOWS entertaining 'the boys' (and gals) ! I would VERY much appreciate any information on the CINIMOBILES, and DESPERATELY require a Clubmobile girls tunic, or better still complete uniform for Museum display. Gifts and donations are NOT requested or expected, (I have my pride), and will be only to happy to pay a fair price should anything be offered. Finally to all those ex WW2 ARC, Clubmobile and USO Gals & Guys that served in the UK during WW2,a VERY BIG,............Thank You !! Tony Oliver, 'History on Wheels Museum', Longclose House, Comon Road, Eton Wick, Nr WINDSOR, Berkshire SL4 6QY, England.
Eton Wick, Nr WINDSOR, England.
Sat Jul 6 16:08:49 2002

Peter van Beelen I am researching the gmc clubmobiles, to build a 1/35 modelkit. In that way all clubmobilers can have one on their desks! I am looking for extra pictures, sketches especialle of interiors, colourhints and anything that will help me to make the kit available. All info will be very much appreciated. Maybe there is some material in some attic of photoalbum? All materials sent by post will be returned after copying or scanning by registered mail.
Sun Jun 2 05:09:38 2002

Amos Stevens Hello; I have just started building a group for history of all the battles from all around the world. I am finding all kinds of great sites like yours & was wondering about any comments from you about my group I'm building & also I am trying to spread the word about my group.. Thank you & take care. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/HistoryOfAllTheWorldsBattles
Thu May 30 15:51:44 2002

Thu May 30 13:59:43 2002

Kathy Could someone please describe to me the color blue of the field uniforms worn by the ladies in the ETO? I've read that they were bright blue, but from pictures, it seems to be the blue of the wool caps I've seen in antique shops. I'm putting together a living history display and I'd like it to be as accurate as possible. Thank you. This site and the women who inspired it are wonderful!
Lancaster County
Mon May 13 08:22:22 2002

Jean Niles What I was trying to say was that ARCOA (see below) has a locator service. This may be of some use to Steve Evans and others looking for womem who were overseas with friends and relatives. Ditto what my sister said. Thank you for this site. It is a wealth of information.
Oneonta, now Texas
Thu May 9 09:55:01 2002

Jean Niles What I was trying to say was that ARCOA (see below) has a locator service. This may be of some use to Steve Evans and others looking for womem who were overseas with friends and relatives. Ditto what my sister said. Thank you for this site. It is a wealth of information.
Oneonta, now Texas
Thu May 9 09:54:41 2002

Jean Niles I think I hit the return button by accident. The American Red Cross Overseas Association can be reached by writing 200 Lebanon Road Loveland, OH 45140-9304. email of the newsletter is OversearATSIGNjuno.com. It is a non-profit organization by and for Overseas Red Cross workers, most from WWII, Korea and Vietnam.
Thu May 9 09:34:31 2002

Marilyn Niles Thank you for this. My mother, Betty Burke (Betty Niles), died 20 years ago, before I could appreciate her experiences in the Red Cross during WWII. Thank goodness for this. It is a wonderful website.
originally, Oneonta, N.Y.
Mon May 6 20:54:17 2002

Paula Scott Who invented the American Red Cross?
Wed Apr 10 12:16:50 2002

Henry Morgan Montalvo Wonderful site! My step-dad was an infantry officer with the 9th Inf Div during WW2 and always had great things to say about you gals. So glad to see this on the web. I hope this and future generations learn more about your efforts on behalf of GIs. Best wishes to you all. -- MM
San Antonio, TX
Mon Apr 8 15:47:49 2002

Will Cavanagh A Great website! A question- whatever became of female Americans captured by the Germans in the Battle of the Bulge ? My latest book, available from Casemate publishing in Havertown, PA is a guide to this battle. Its title is "A Tour of the Bulge Battlefield"
Chester-Le-Street, Co. Durham England
Sat Mar 30 16:15:13 2002

Bill Stupples I Think your site is just great, as a collector of military vehicles and uniforms I'm always interested in vehicles used, did the clubmobil use jeeps and what colour were they gray like the buses and trucks ?? I have seen a colour photo of a red cross girl on a bomber base in the uk delivering coffee and donuts but jeep was green also in your picture of you sitting in front of the truck in the breif section what are the badges worn on and above the left pocket ?? I have some clubmobil uniform and we wish to renact a clubmobil delivery at our next living history show with respect to a great job well done. very best regards Bill Pam Stupples
Ringwould Nr Dover Kent England
Mon Mar 25 08:49:27 2002

Jenny Burnette I enjoyed this site!
Houston, TX
Thu Mar 7 18:18:44 2002

Barbara Benton I had to do a project for history class having to do with the internet, so i came to this site. i was not in a big hurry to do this project but this site was very useful and i enjoyed myself. thank you for giving everyone such a great site to find information and enjoy themselves.
Tue Mar 5 17:34:12 2002

Sun Feb 10 08:26:12 2002

Katie I thout this site was very touching. After i read the whole thing, i decided to do my project on Charlotte Colburn. I was Charlotte and my freind was a talk show host and she interveiwed me. we got it on tape and got a 100!!!
Charlotte N.C.
Sat Feb 9 12:54:10 2002

Pete Gorman I'm sorry but the date of the newspaper article concerning Claire Vollet should have read 1944(not 1994). Thanks, Pete, 2/2/02
Sat Feb 2 15:23:29 2002

andrew sutherland I went to sebright school from 1961 -1964 are ther any others out there from the same era.
Sat Feb 2 14:05:21 2002

Pete Gorman I have a picture that appeared in the New York Times on Wednesday, November 29, 1994 of a Red Cross woman by the name of Claire Vollet of St. Louis visiting me in an Evacuation Hospital in France during WWII. Red Cross were always very friendly and helpful
Odenton, Md
Fri Feb 1 14:53:59 2002

MATTEO ING. PASSONI Hello, would you please insert our web site in your liks page, we are an Italian Red Cross Association born very close to the historical place where was founded the Red Cross. http://www.anmcri.org Thank You, Matteo.
Wed Jan 30 18:55:11 2002

terry russell I am aware of the converted London Transport "Green Line" coaches but would like to know who built the GMC Clubmobiles as they appear to have London Transport style lettering but the book Chiswick Works by capital Transport does not mention them and it is pretty conclusive. terry
Horsham UK
Sat Jan 26 14:36:52 2002

Ingrid MacGillis I'm helping Hope Simpson Dobbins write up her story of her Clubmobile experiences. She was the first clubmobiler whom Harvey Gibson hired, so she organized the Clubmobile and in July 44 went over to France with the D group. I have quite a bit of material but really would appreciate any comments, tips of sites or sources additional stories, no matter how insignicant they may seem. Hope was also present at the first meeting of the Allies on the Elbe River at Torgau, and I am looking for others who can add anything to her account.
Tue Jan 15 11:14:23 2002

Mike Webster To Jim & Andrew Could the clubmobile name you are looking for be "Wolverian" The name "Old Wolverian" is that of a person who attended William Sebright's public school in the village of Wolverley On the 15th April 1943 Wolverley became the home of the US 52nd General Hospital. The Clubmobile was known to have visited this hospital on a regular basis along with visits to Camp Bewdley only a few miles away. This was the home of the Us 90th division up to the D-Day landings when the two parts of this camp became the 114th & 297th hospitals. All three closed at the end of the war. Also there was the "Donut Dugout" at Arch Hill in Kidderminster which is described in the local paper of those times. Very unusual in this country to admitt such a thing in public in those days of censorship. I hope this may be of help. My grandfather was the local village postman in those days, I would love to hear from anyone who passed through our village in those days to get in touch. Mike Webster...
Wolverley, Kidderminster, Worcestershire, England
Sat Dec 15 14:46:18 2001

Phil Nelson I have no comments only a request for information on a Margaret Garland, later stage and television actress, who served in the Red Cross during WWII; possibly with the Clubmobilers. I am compiling a brief on her career before and after WWII and would like to correspond with anyone who may have known her. Thank you, Phil Nelson
New York
Tue Nov 27 15:23:27 2001

Jim Gasperini Hello, Steve--

I found your mother-in-law's name in the roster of Group G in Morgan's "The ARC in the Storm" (1982). I could type up the list of the names of those she served with, if that would help. The back of the book includes addresses, but those seem to be their addresses of over 50 years ago just after the war. I happen to know that one, Betty Burke, is no longer living.
New York
Sun Nov 25 17:00:14 2001

Jim Gasperini Hello again, Andrew-- I've looked through the list of clubmobiles in "The ARC in the Storm" by Marjorie Lee Morgan. The "Worcester" unit is not listed, although a lot of the clubmobiles were named after cities and one in group E was named the "Wolverine." Also, sometimes the girls renamed their units (such as the renaming of the "Fort Wayne" to "Geronimo!" described in Charlotte Colburn's memoirs on the site). The clubmobile your grandfather served was likely from either Group E or Group C, both of which landed on Omaha Beach on July 27, 1944.
New York
Sun Nov 25 16:57:06 2001

Steve Evans My Mother-in-Law was a Captain in a Clubmobile Unit. She asked me to try to find out any information about friends or the like who may have served with her. Her name (at the time) was Genevieve Richards and she served in England, France and Germany I believe. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks much.
Washington DC
Fri Nov 9 19:35:54 2001

Robert Kirchner Suprb presentation via internet. Better than in book format. I enjoyed the interactive interviews and photos.
Wilmington Delaware
Fri Nov 9 17:27:24 2001

Chris Nee Sorry I forgot to add in the previous comment my mother's name! The dangers of one click cyberspace and no editor! Evangilin Bonner, also known an Evie or Kay Bonner. She couldn't remember what Clubmobile she was attached to. Originally from Minneapolis Minnesota. Thanks again.
Minneapolis MN
Sat Nov 3 17:19:24 2001

Chris Nee Greetings to all the ladies who served. My mother was attached to one of the Cinemobiles that were part of the 1st Army, 5th Corp. Unfortunatly all her memorabilia was lost in a house fire in 1967 and now many of her own memories are becoming foggy. She toured with Joni Johnson of Waterloo Iowa for a period of time and also had a partner, Katie Cullen, killed during the Bulge when they were overrun. Can anyone out there help a son connect with his mother's adventure? It would sure be appreciated. In fact all cinemobile stories would be welcome in that I'm sure many of you shared similar adventures. Thank you.
Minneapolis MN
Sat Nov 3 17:14:17 2001

Andrew Hi, I'm writing my grandfathers WWATSIGN bio. He was a Battalion Surgeon with the 6th Ord. Bn. Med. Det. Specific mention of a Clubmobile unit was made in his diary. He treated a member of the "Woacester" unit (facial burn injury) on 7/28/44 in the Insigny/Le Foret area and was the units "1st doughnut customer in France". I have a picture of one of the girls (unnamed) from the unit. If anyone has specific interest or info please email.....great site!!! Thank you!! Andrew
Rockaway, NJ
Sun Oct 28 13:56:47 2001

shannon adams i just want to thank you, your site was most helpful to my coursework
Tue Oct 2 07:14:18 2001

JANET DILLON BLAIR I was interviewed by North Texas State University for their project on the greatest event of the 20th century, WW11. I represented a facet of women in the war, other than in the Services. They are doing a monumental work on that and have literally interviewed hundreds of personal memoirs of those who had "been there". their library collection is available to all.
75225 Park Llane, Aapt. 190- Dallas,Txtx
Wed Jul 25 09:19:53 2001

Maria Hartrich Hi Everybody! My mother, Loretta McLaughlin of Sioux Falls, SD, served in a clubmobile in WWII. She was in a group with General Patton's niece. They followed Patton's troops. She had a lovely voice and sang for the troops. She and her partner Pat Austin, of New York, drove a cinemobile and at night the side would come down and make a stage and Pat would play the piano and my Mom would sing. She once met General Patton when she was sitting outside her tent painting her finger nails red, and he came up to her and asked her if the nail polish was good for stopping the itch from chigger bites. She had many wonderful memories of serving in the clubmobile, and I have many pictures from that time.

Would love to correspond with anyone who knew my Mom. Sadly, she passed away in April, 2000. I appreciate this web site very much!
Sat Jul 14 14:23:49 2001

Margaret "Bettie" Gearhart Brodie I arrived in England in May,1944.from San Francisco. Served at Southampton, A Hospital Ship right after D-Day, on to Pavilly in Normandy area of France and on to Germany-several cities. I sent all the letters I sent home to the Arthur/Elizabeth Schleshinger Library at Radcliff College in about 1994 0r 1995 plus pictures and any memorandum I had. So, all I can say here is that it was the experience of my LIFE. Met my husband in Germany moved to an Iowan farm and had a terrificly happy life. Would like to hear from anyone interested.
Spirit Lake, Iowa
Sun Jul 8 14:11:12 2001
July 8, 2001 

Lisa Liljegren I am also part of the reenacting group that Caryn belongs to. I just wanted to agree that this is a wonderful website (this from a graphic designer) and that it is really helpful to have resourses such as this. One question though, we have found several grey garrision caps with the red cross pin on the front and are try to figure out to which uniform that they belong. I would greatly appreciate any help that could be given.
Bolingbrook, IL
Fri Jul 6 11:38:56 2001

Caryn Anderson I am currently getting involved in WWII reenacting doing a American Red Cross Canteen impression. I just wanted to thank you for putting together this website. I enjoyed seeing all these wonderful pictures and seeing what it was like to serve in WWII. It puts a whole new perspective to the war. I have never seen a publication that was so informative and appealing. Thanks again.
Mt. Prospect, IL
Thu Jul 5 13:43:49 2001

Bob Roddey My mother Edith "Pat" Hurley (Roddey)was with Group A. She arrived in England in early January, 1944. She was badly burned near Reems France when a stove exploded.She & her friend of 50 years Kay Herdon poured what they had been told was kerosone on wet wood in order to start a fire. Mother was hosptalized for several months in France, England & was shipped stateside in March, 1945 for further treatment.

Recently I found a diary she kept from Dec. '43 until Nov.'44 along with many of her letters home. Her writtren comments, like the stories she told her 2 sons, were so positive & filled with a deep sense of appreciation for having been given the opportunity to take part in such a monumental effort with a wonderful group of women.

Mother died of ovarian cancer in January, 1994. She lived the final years of her life as she had the preceding ones--filled with inner faith, strength and resolve and an wonderful ability to see humor in all of life. Mother would have loved your website.
Little Rock, Arkansas
Tue Jun 12 17:27:53 2001

Jean Hogg Parnell I'm just getting started on the computer at home. I served in four different countries: Holland, Germany, England, France and Belgium.
Springfield, Missouri
Mon Jun 11 11:56:06 2001

Kristen this iste has helped me alot with my homework, and i got mostly all of my information from this website!
whitby, ontario, canada
Wed May 30 08:20:42 2001

trish this is a very nice site it is a sad and touching stories.
keep up the good work
Thu May 10 12:28:09 2001

kim & lili clark our aunt/great aunt, audrey lillian bechaud was a clubmobile captain - we still have her overseas service certificate dated 1946. she served alongside general patton's neice driving a jeep. she was from fon du lac, WI and had auburn hair. she went to several reunions over the years.
if anyone knew her (aka terry bechaud) please email us at topaz5ATSIGNhome.com - we would love to hear your stories!!
Laguna Beach
Wed May 9 19:53:01 2001

jennifer I wanted to say this is a really good website. I was looking for information for my research project and this helped out so much, you do not even know! I just wanted to say thanks. Thanks!
Wed May 9 17:34:48 2001

katelynn m this website is cool because im doing a report on the women in the war so it really helps me out
Tue May 1 18:12:49 2001

Christina Hale I think that this is the coolest website in the world. To show how much the women of WWII helped out in so many ways, I wish that I knew even more about all of them and could actually meet one of them would be incredibly inspirational. This website is very enlightening and great.
Tue Apr 3 14:01:18 2001

Kelly Villanueva I think that this website is awesome it really helped us out a lot on our project and made us see how much the women of WWII really helped out SO MUCH. Thanks. You guys are awesome.
Tue Apr 3 13:55:58 2001

Madeline Tilford Methvin Thank you for the great information about the clubmobiles. I now work for the American Red Cross and found this info very interesting. I have talked to a one of our local Red Cross volunteers that volunteered locally for the Red Cross during WWII. She is still volunteering here for the bloodmobiles.
Murfreesboro, Tennessee
Mon Apr 2 10:14:58 2001

Jock Herron My siblings, cousins and I would love to hear from anyone who might have met our indominatible aunt, Rose Dresser, during the war (or after). She spent most of WWII in Europe - the UK, France and Germany - and the tail end of it in the Phillipines, all with the Red Cross. (Jim - Congratulations! This is a wonderful site)
New York/Massachusetts
Fri Mar 30 01:20:18 2001

Krispy Petrillo I think your website is cool! I am doing a project in social studies
Fri Mar 23 13:30:26 2001

Peter Hooper

Hello My Mother Frances Bacon was a Red Cross Nurse who served in England and France. She was on the Dutch ship Maarsden which was torpedoed and sank in the atlantic she was rescued this was before the U.S. was in the war.
She made it to England via Iceland after being plucked from the ocean. She worked at an English hospital while waiting for American Red Cross Harvard field hospital unit.
When U.S.entered war she joined Army when they took over hospital. In Sept.44 She went to France.
I am trying to gather as much information as I can. If anyone has served with her I would love to hear from them. She passed away in Aug 98 we still are finding clippings she saved.

Sat Mar 17 22:46:41 2001

Fanny Hello, my name is Fanny and I wanted to tell you all that this is a very intresting site. I have to do a project on World War 2 in my english class and I chosed "the women of the red cross". bye
Sat Mar 17 12:33:14 2001

Nancy Kelly Dieterich I served in Taegu,Korea and at St. Barbara in the north from Sept.'69-Sept.'70 and would like to hear from any who were there. Our tour was quite different from the European or VietNam experience.
Georgia now in The Woodlands, TX
Sat Mar 17 11:31:52 2001

liesel herrmann hi i have to dress up as a women from world war two and i was wondering if any of the women who were there could tell me how they dressed???
Mon Mar 12 12:50:00 2001

Kickin I'll just say... pretty kickin site ya got!!! Yah that's bout it... even though I didn't even really look through it yet.
Fri Mar 9 16:11:25 2001

John L. Battenfeld Jr. Great work, Aunt Elma! The more I read about the WWII generation--and remember the stories of my dad and Uncle Ed, I do realize why you folks are really the "greatest."
Norwalk CT
Thu Mar 8 21:32:49 2001

Elma Ernst Fay Jim - I am utterly flabergasted by this web site, which. finally, I found - thanks to many tries and also many conversations (both by e-mail and phone with Eloise Reilly). And, I am so happy that many of our Red Cross gals - and their children,nieces and nephews, and old Army friends, have responded.
I am in the process of doing what, I hope, is the final editing of my book "Through the Hole of a Doughnut" and for which I hope my agent will be able to find a publisher. I welcome ay thoughts, both for inclusion and publishing.

Best to all my clubmobile friends - Elma
Clubmobile Group K
41 Hills La, Westport, Ct, 06880
Mon Mar 5 13:26:37 2001
e-mail ElmaEFayATSIGNAOL.com 

Eloise Reilly Charlotte: What a fabulous idea! Elma Fay, my friend and neighbor, introduced us last summer. You are to be congratulated.
Have susequently met Pat Farley and Marianne Shellabarger with an email acquaintance with Jan Dillon of your K group.
FYI...Group A has had an annual newsletter since Mid Eberle Rothrock first started it where she returned home in 1945...and since then...some one in the group has been the editor each year...to make sure it gets out.
Since 1970, when I gave a picnic at my home to commemorate VE Day plus 25years... we have had an annual reunion ...including husbands....going to England twice..once for "Sunrise at Stonehedge"..and another for a canal trip...with the 42 foot canal boats being piloted by the husbands....after 10 minutes of instruction...Upon reflection...I think that only one husband was a Navy man...but strickly Publicity....he wouldn,t know port from starboard....and it showed...but we survived.
Other times..Lake Tahoe..Sante Fe,Kennebuckport..Fishers Island..Woods Hole and many more interesting places.
All we do is to eat, laugh,drink and talk...and as you know...that has never been a problem for a Clubmobiler.

Again...thanks for being so clever in getting this onto cyba space.
97 Newtown Tpke, Westport, Conn.
Sun Mar 4 16:11:09 2001
of Clubmobile Group "A" 

Janey Fritsche What a heartwarming and heartbreaking diary that is so powerful because it is so real. A wonderful tribute to your mom, Jim. She is an amazing woman, with so much heart and love.

This really brings the reality of that war into such vivid focus in a way that no movie I've seen or history book I've read does. Thank you for making it available to the world.
Mill Valley, Ca
Sun Mar 4 13:23:20 2001

Marianne Shellabarger Jeppson The website looks great, Jim! A great tribute to Charlotte's, Elma's and my experience in WW II. Looking forward to reading more comments from fellow clubmobilers or others interested in this piece of history.
Worcester, Massachusetts
Sun Mar 4 10:47:44 2001

Raymond Morris My wife is a historic interpreter for the State of Alabama Historic Commission. Her location is the historic Pond Spring, home of General Joseph Wheeler. The General's daughter was in the Red Cross in the Spanish American war and WWI. My wife dresses and acts out an American Red Cross nurse during these times. I have given her this web address to look at. This is great, she will love as I do. My dad was in WWII.
Moulton, AL
Sat Mar 3 14:45:48 2001

Oz Great site Jim. Peggy passed it on to me, knowing what a history buff I am. I'm totally impressed with your work!
Fri Mar 2 16:22:47 2001

Judy Lutes I've been pleased to pass on the URL to those to whom I gave copies of "Geronimo." What a treat to see this and share it! Thanks, Charlotte and Jim.
Ithaca, NY
Fri Mar 2 16:18:28 2001

John Gasperini Great to have the Clubmobile experience on the web so it can be accessed by more people. What a fascinating piece of history! Good Work!
Seattle, WA.
Fri Mar 2 13:17:59 2001

Jim Gasperini Hello, Ms. Bondy.
I came across an article by Millicent Pacey about her Clubmobile experience on the Good Housekeeping site. I've pasted the URL in here. Thanks for contributing to the site.
Berkeley, CA at the moment
Wed Feb 28 18:47:50 2001

Ruth Bondy I was with the 85th Infantry Div. and the 1st Armored Div. in N. Africa and Italy from 1943-1945. Looking for Millicent Pacey from the 1st Armored, and Esther Crowe from the 85th, and Rosamund Myers from the 88th. OR info about any of these.
San Rafael, CA 94903
Wed Feb 28 17:49:14 2001

Paul D. Good transfer from cdrom to the web Jim. Actually I found out a few weeks ago that my uncle participated in D-Day as a Bren Gun carrier driver and fought all the way to Berlin (and survived).
Wed Feb 28 17:17:38 2001

Aaron Elson Congratulations on one of the best Web presentations I've seen yet! I was especially thrilled, for personal reasons, to see the snapshot of Charlotte with a pair of "712th Tankers," as my father served with the 712th Tank Battalion. I'm going to see if their veterans association is able to identify the two men in the picture.
New Jersey
Wed Feb 28 15:29:55 2001

Jim Anderson My father was a sergeant in artillery in the Philippines. When he came back to the States, he observed that the only soldiers to get coffee, doughnuts and conversation by the Red Cross volunteers were the officers. The enlisted men were ignored.
Mon Feb 26 17:38:56 2001

Rick Stroud My Aunt, Betty Stroud, originally from Mentha, Michigan, is a proud "Club-mobiler" - served in Europe during WWII -- she doesn't have Internet access, but I've printed off pages to send to her -- she'll be ecstatic! (I know she served in Great Britain, and in Berlin and various areas in Germany after the war -- lots of great stories).
Mon Feb 26 16:43:33 2001

Donna Orme Wonderful site. Thanks for taking the time to share part of our history! So very interesting!
Mon Feb 26 09:38:12 2001

dallas, texas
Thu Feb 22 06:44:31 2001

Charlotte Colburn Gasperini In the "Geronimo!" section here I tell about some of my experiences in Clubmobile Group K. If anyone has any questions, fire away!
I look forward to hearing from any of the veterans we served, and from any other Clubmobilers.
Chappaqua, NY
Sun Feb 11 20:55:17 2001

Jim Gasperini Hello, world-- Finally up and running here...doing our bit to remember a fascinating corner of American history. Do let us know what you think of it! --Jim
New York, at the moment
Sat Feb 10 13:01:03 2001