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Various references in the official site of the American Red Cross, including one detailing the service of African-American clubmobilers.

Letter from Millicent Pacey, a Clubmobiler in the Italian campaign.

On-line references in military histories:
303rd Bomb Group Association

Slinging Doughnuts for the Boys, a new book by historian James H Madison, focused on the story of USRC Captain Elizabeth Richardson. From Indiana University Press.
Aunt Jack , a one-man show by Bill Smartt based on the stories of his aunt, Clubmobiler Louise "Jack" Smartt.

Dearest Ones, a memoir by Clubmobiler Rosemary Norwalk, John Wiley & Sons 1999.

Elsewhere a bio of Rosemary Norwalk.

Battlestars & Doughnuts -- World War II Experiences of Mary Metcalfe Rexford by Oscar Whitelaw Rexford. The story of a member of Group A, written by her husband.
The Patrice Press, St. Louis 1989. Out of print, but may be ordered through Amazon's OOP service.

Also, Doughnuts a la Clubmobile, letters of Mary Metcalfe Rexford. A 161 page typescript in the Western Historical Manuscript collection, University of Missouri-St. Louis.

The Clubmobile: The ARC in the Storm, a Personal History of and by the Clubmobilers in the European Theatre of War During World War II compiled and edited by Marjorie Lee Morgan.

Stories from each of the 12 Clubmobile groups.

Hazlett Printing and Publishing, 1982. Also out of print.

"Coffee, Doughnuts, and a Witty Line of Chatter," The Photos and Letters of Helen Stevenson Meyer in Japan and Korea, 1950-1952.

Story of a Clubmobiler during the war in Vietnam.

Rich, extensive WWII oral history site at