In June 2019, Maria Hartrich writes:
25 years ago, on the 50th anniversary of D-Day, the local NBC station in Chicago interviewed my Mom for a story on the Women of Normandy. They created this lovely vignette, replete with photos and footage, and even got her to sing a few bars, something she had not done in decades. Sharing this in loving remembrance and thanks to all those who served in WWII, who fell on D-Day, all the women who served in the Red Cross Clubmobiles, and of course especially to my Mom to Loretta Marie McLaughlin from Sioux Falls, SD, Clubmobile L, assigned to the Cinemobile.

In June 2004, Clubmobiler Janet Dillon Blair attended ceremonies in France commemorating the 60th anniversary of D-Day as the guest of honor of the French re-enactment association Union Group Vexin.
English translations of their site's pages about the ceremonies and honoring Janet.